Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

By the beard transplantation, which is at least as popular as hair transplantation, there are solutions for people who have problems such as beard loss or skin problems. If you are looking for a professional and high-quality beard transplant center in Turkey, we highly recommend you to contact Heal Done.

What is beard transplant?

The number of people who are looking for an answer to the question of what a beard transplant is is very high. Beard transplantation, which can be defined as the transplantation of hair taken from different areas of the body to the beard area; Make it possible for people to get the look they desire. The structure of the skin and genetic characteristics differ from person to person so, there may be voids in certain parts of the beard area. In addition, lack of hair growth or poor growth, a problem that many people suffer from. Other than that, areas may become devoid of hair in the beard area due to reasons such as injuries caused by accidents or burns. Through beard transplantation, all these problems can be solved in the best possible way.

Beard Transplant Stages

  • A medical examination is performed as expected before beard transplantation.
  • The area to be transplanted is determined, in addition, the number of grafts needed is calculated.
  • Many tests are done, especially blood tests.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the patient.
  • As in the case of hair transplantation, hair follicles are collected from the donor area, and the collected hair roots are placed in the organ transplant solution to preserve them.
  • Combined grafts, they are implanted in the area that suffers from beard hair loss, in the manner of transplantation determined by the doctor who will perform the operation.

How is beard transplantation done?

Those who suffer from voids in some areas or complete hair loss have a question about how to perform a beard transplant.

  • The stage in which the hair follicles are collected is very important, as the nape of the neck is chosen as the donor area during hair transplantation. In addition to this area, the beard area can also be preferred for the person in the beard transplant process.
  • Hair follicles are collected from the selected area, and channels are opened in the areas to be transplanted, then hair roots are implanted there.
  • After beard transplantation, no scars appear on the person’s face or on the donor area, in addition, no pain occurs.
  • Beard transplantation is performed with extreme caution. If there is beard loss only in certain areas, hair is transplanted into other parts of the beard to achieve a moderate distribution.

Things to Consider in Beard Transplantation

The results of beard transplantation may not always be positive, so, in order to obtain a hundred percent efficiency of beard transplantation, the operation must be performed in a center approved by the ministry and under the supervision of specialized doctors. Beard transplantation, a surgical operation So, experience and seriousness are essential, in addition, the person must have a sufficient amount of hair in the donor area. After some beard transplants, some infections may occur in the face area, where attention and facial care must be taken before the operation. In other words, there should be no cuts or irritation on the face, and the procedure should be performed in a sterile environment. Beard transplantation is performed on people who have completed adolescence.

Things to do before beard transplant

  • You must stop drinking alcohol at least three days before the operation.
  • You must stop using blood thinners for at least one or two weeks.
  • You must stop smoking at least three days before.

Things to consider after beard transplant

  • After beard transplantation, the donor area must not come into contact with water or chemicals. Especially the first three days after beard transplantation is very important, because the implanted grafts stick to the skin during this period.
  • It is recommended to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for those who have new beards, especially in the first week.
  • Redness and scaling may occur in the transplanted area. At this point, you should not scratch this area, as otherwise it may cause cuts.
  • The use of cosmetics should be abandoned.

Healing process after beard transplant

Painkillers should be used in the first week after the operation, and care must be taken to avoid strong blows on the face area. After a while, shock loss of the transplanted hair may occur, and the first beard shaving should be done after at least three months. The beard takes a whole year to regain its natural appearance after the beard transplant.

Beard transplant prices

The price of a beard transplant is searched a lot on the Internet, we can say that the prices vary according to the transplant center and the experience of the doctor who will perform the operation. It is important to focus on the success of the operation more than its cost, given that the prices are considered to fit people’s budgets.

Who is beard transplantation for?

Beard transplantation, a process that saved the lives of many people, can be performed on anyone who has scars or burn marks that have appeared in the beard area after exposure to accidental injuries. In addition, it is a lifesaver for those with an asymmetric beard and sparse mustache.

Types of beard transplant

by the types of beard transplants, people get natural-looking beards as quickly as possible.

Beard transplant by sapphire FUE

A sapphire made of precious stones is used. In this method, beard transplantation is performed precisely and in detail, and due to the use of a very sharp blade, the possibility of any damage in the process is eliminated.

Beard transplantation using soft FUE technique

Anesthesia is applied in a dose appropriate to the physical characteristics of the patient, so that the patient is spared from feeling any pain.

Beard transplant with DHI technique

Beard hair is extracted with FUE needles with a diameter of 0.5-0.7 mm on demand, and the hairs are inserted into the Choi pen needle, known as the beard transplant pen, this technique is applied to the area to be transplanted without touching it by hand.

Beard transplantation with TDF technique

Beard transplantation with large spaces is carried out in two sessions during two consecutive days. This technique is suitable for those who wish to return to their lives in a short time after beard transplantation.


Will the beard transplant look natural?

After this transplant, there will be no difference between transplanted beard hair and basic beard hair. The recovery phase will last between 1 and 6 months and after the end of this period, the beard hair transplant will not be noticed and will not be distinguished from the original beard hair.

How long does beard transplantation take?

The duration of beard transplantation may vary depending on the treated area and the desired density. In general, the beard transplant process takes approximately 2-5 hours, but in some cases, it may be necessary to do more than one session.You can find out more details about your desired density and number of sessions needed by contacting our beard transplant specialist.

What is the cost of beard transplant for 2022?

The cost of beard transplantation varies according to the treatment method and the number of transplanted follicles. The cost of beard transplantation in Turkey for 2022 ranges between (500-1500) dollars.


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