With the recent technological development, plastic surgery has begun to spread widely for the ease of performing operations with the latest medical technologies that have become widely available. What distinguishes Turkey, in addition to its good medical capabilities, is the extensive experience of doctors in the field, as well as the cost of the operation.

What is the process of eyebrow transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation in Turkey, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure through which the density of the eyebrow area hair is increased in a suitable manner for the face to appear elegant and natural. Where hair follicles are transferred from (the donor area) i.e. from the scalp to (the receiving area) i.e. the damaged or damaged areas She suffers from poor growth and lack of hair in it.

Eyebrow transplantation method and techniques used in Turkey:

The methods of eyebrow hair transplantation are not different from the transplantation of head hair. Where it is done with the same mechanism and techniques, the only difference lies in the number of extracted follicles, the duration of treatment, as well as the cost.
The techniques used in eyebrow transplantation in Turkey are:
Technology (DHI)
It is considered the latest technique used in eyebrow hair transplantation in Turkey, whereby the Choi Pen Planter, the channel is simultaneously opened and the hair follicle is transplanted. What distinguishes this technique, is that it ensures hair transplantation and growth in the same direction. Where the follicles are extracted using a tool called (Micro Motor) from the donor area, i.e. from the areas behind and on both sides of the head. In some cases, in men, it is possible to obtain the follicles from the beard or body hair, then the follicles with tissue and one direction suitable for eyebrow hair are planted in the specified area. Through this technique, the desired shape and density of the eyebrows can be obtained naturally.


The dangers and risks of eyebrow transplantation:

The only harm that can happen to the patient, is to transplant the eyebrow hair in the wrong direction, which causes hair to grow later in the opposite direction. And it is certainly harm caused by the inexperience of the specialist in the field.
In general, eyebrow transplantation is considered a safe process and does not have any risks, but there are some side effects that may appear immediately after the operation and are controlled through some medications and instructions recommended by the doctor. The most prominent of these symptoms:
1. Swelling and swelling of the eyebrow area.
2. Minor bruising and redness of the transplanted area.
3. In some cases, puffiness may occur around the eyes.
These symptoms are considered minor side effects through some medications and instructions that can be overcome within three days for a week as a maximum.

The difference between head hair transplantation and eyebrow hair transplantation
The process of hair transplantation does not differ from the process of eyebrow transplantation in terms of the stages and procedures used, the difference is only in the techniques used, not all hair transplant techniques are suitable for eyebrow transplantation because eyebrows require greater accuracy and the quality of certain hair follicles, as well as of course there is a difference between the two processes in terms of recovery time And the emergence of the final and clear result, as well as the cost.

The results of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey
The results of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey

Eyebrow transplantation often gives guaranteed results without any harm, except in cases of a medical error as a result of the inexperience of the specialist doctor. Which may cause a problem that is difficult to fix later, so although it is a simple process, it requires a good medical experience.
Tips before eyebrow transplantation in Turkey
1. Refrain from smoking for at least two weeks before the procedure.
2. Commitment to eating healthy food, to avoid complications during the operation.
3. Avoid any type of blood thinner; Like green tea, some medicines as well as a group of vitamins that contain vitamin A or E.
4. Avoid taking stimulants for at least two weeks, as they affect the local anesthesia that is applied before starting the operation.

Important tips after eyebrow transplant

Stop smoking for two months after the procedure, because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, which negatively affects the growth of the transplanted hair follicles.
1. Do not wash your eyebrows for 72 hours.
2. Avoid harmful sunlight and moisture for a month.
3. Avoid rain and dust to maintain the health of the transplanted bulbs.
4. Be careful when putting on and taking off clothes, so that no contact occurs at all.
5. Not to swim or be in places with high temperatures, such as the sauna or the Turkish bath.
6. Adhere to the treatment prescriptions, medications and instructions given by the specialist doctor.

What is the cost of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey 2023?

One of the things that most interests the patient when embarking on an eyebrow transplant procedure is his knowledge of the price and what the costs include, clearly and briefly. Therefore, we at (HEALDONE) are always keen to provide all the important information and details, because our first and highest goal is to satisfy patients and help them reach the result they have always dreamed of at the most appropriate prices.
The average cost of an eyebrow transplant in Turkey for 2023 is (1500 USD).


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