Hairline in Hair Transplantation

The primary criterion of hair transplantation, which is planned to result in success, is to make it possible to have both healthy and natural hair after the operation. The natural result of hair transplantation requires that the hairline measurements are planned individually. The front hairline is among the issues that support the most natural appearance of hair transplantation. It is not possible to create a standard line and apply it to all people who request hair transplantation. The determination of the most suitable hairline for the face shapes of the individuals is made by professional measurements.

What is the Hairline?

The hairline is a boundary that varies according to the physical characteristics, age and gender of individuals and outlines the area covered by the hair on the head. The hairline border may regress due to intense hair loss. The border, which changes the expression of facial features, can be adjusted in accordance with the expectations and demands of people with hairline forwarding procedures. Women’s and men’s hairlines differ in applications. The most suitable hairline boundary for the individual’s facial features is easily determined by special measurements.

Front Hairline

This line, also known as the frontal forehead line in the literature, marks the end point of the hair on the head. Front border lines vary according to age groups, genders and individuals. The border of this line supports individuals to look younger and better. The border of the front lines of people with hair loss problems varies. Hair transplantation applications make it possible to make arrangements in the most suitable way for the expectations and needs of the person. The front line, which significantly changes the facial expression, gaze and even the age of the person, starts at the ideal point after the application.

Side Hairline

The area located in the temporal region of the head, extending from the front hair to the sideburns, is defined as the side hairline and the side line is of particular importance, especially for men. For those who prefer to part their hair from the side, measurements are made accordingly before hair transplant operations. The front and side hair lines represent the entire area to be operated on. Appropriate line designs support the growth of hair follicles in that direction.

Hairline Regression

The most obvious indicator of hair loss is hairline regression. Regression times vary according to the physical characteristics, age and gender of individuals. Hair transplantation operations are performed with the necessary measurements according to the condition of regional regression. Among the main goals of the operation is to fill the regressed area. This application, which positively changes the facial expression, makes people look younger.

How Should Hairline Design Be?

Among the factors that determine the success of hair transplantation operations, the design process takes priority. Designing the border, especially in the forehead area, in accordance with the facial features of the person ensures that the result is more satisfactory. Even if all procedures are performed correctly in hair transplantation applications, it is not possible to meet the expectations if the ideal design is not created. For an aesthetic appearance, healthy and natural hair, the design process should be given special importance.

What is Natural Hairline Design

What is Natural Hairline Design?

The lines from the middle of the front line border of the hair towards the temporal angles, called FTA, form the design of the most natural hairline. Hair borders should never be created in a way that slopes downwards. However, this may change in women’s hair transplantation applications. Different dynamics are needed to create women’s natural hairlines. The dynamics, which vary according to the intensity of hair loss, take their natural form with the ideal creation of the temporal line. Designs to be made by taking into account the risks of hair loss that may occur in the future ensure that the result is both natural and functional in the long term.

How to Measure the Hairline?

The hairline measurements that are the most natural, healthy and meet the expectations of the person are based on the following points. These are as follows:

  • MFP (Mid Frontal Point): The area where the right and left hair lines meet at the midpoint.
  • FTA (Frontal Temporal Angle): It is the junction area between the frontal line border of the hair and the sideburn areas.
  • MPP (Mid Pupillary Point): It is the middle area where the line running vertically from the eyeballs of individuals meets the front hair border. While these measurement dynamics vary according to the individual, measurements are made accordingly.

Hairline Laser Hair Removal

One of the most critical points that determine the facial expressions of individuals is the boundaries of their hairlines. The borders of the hairlines that cover the forehead area intensely are transformed into the most ideal state with hairline laser hair removal procedures. Laser hair removal solutions, which can be applied for men and women, offer a way to achieve a new facial expression. The borders designed with personal measurements of the hairlines are easily changed by removing the excess with laser hair removal. The renewal of hairlines with laser hair removal applications brings a natural and beautiful appearance to people’s facial expressions.

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