How to Prevent Wrinkles Around the Eyes?

The area around the eyes is an extremely sensitive area due to its thin skin structure. The area around the eyes, which contains nerves, capillaries and adipose tissue, paves the way for various skin problems to arise due to reasons such as fatigue and aging. Eye wrinkles are one of these problems. Wrinkles occur due to insufficient moisturizing of the skin, harsh interventions to the sensitive area, wrong makeup applications and many other reasons. Especially the area where the eyelids meet is called crow’s feet and this area clearly shows itself during mimics. It is possible to get rid of problems such as crow’s feet, eyelid drooping and wrinkling with the right treatment. At this point, benefiting from expert opinion is of critical importance for both skin and health. So, how to treat wrinkles around the eyes, what are the effects and results?

What is Eye Wrinkle?

Causes such as loss of moisture in the skin around the eyes, deepening of mimic lines, insomnia, caffeine and alcohol consumption cause the appearance of wrinkles. These wrinkles, which differ according to skin condition and genetic background, commonly occur in the eye springs and junction areas. These wrinkles get deeper with the mimics over time and change the whole appearance of the eye area.

What Causes Eye Wrinkles?

What causes under-eye wrinkles, which are seen in most people over a certain age? The main reason is skin care that is not done regularly. Signs of aging and skin imperfections appear quickly on skin that is not taken care of on a daily basis with special moisturizers and cleansers. This can also cause lines to become uncontrollable. The main causes of wrinkles include:

  • Sleeping with make-up,
  • Constantly squinting,
  • Using hard materials during make-up cleaning,
  • Not to be sensitive to this area,
  • Continuous exposure to blue rays emitted by computer and smartphone screens,
  • Genetic factors.

How to Prevent Eye Wrinkles?

So, how to remove wrinkles around the eyes? Taking preventive measures before this problem occurs is the most effective solution. The most important and basic rule to prevent wrinkles is to clean the skin regularly. In addition, moisturizing creams, serums and oils suitable for this sensitive area are effective choices to delay or even completely prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Eye Wrinkle Treatment

Eye Wrinkle Treatment

In cases where the problem deepens, “What should be done for wrinkles around the eyes?” The question is asked frequently. The answer is professional treatment. Getting expert support is one of the most effective steps to destroy the unwanted image at this point. At this point, estheticians or beauticians develop special solutions for you and help you get rid of wrinkles that occur for various reasons. If the specialist deems it necessary, surgical intervention may be required for the procedure.

Eye Wrinkle Surgery

Today’s technology creates opportunities in plastic surgeries as in many other areas. Wrinkle surgery around the eyes is an extremely painless and practical operation with the developing technology. It is possible to get rid of the wrinkle problem permanently with the operation to be performed according to the requirements. You can neutralize the signs of aging in a short time with special operations for the eyelid and crow’s feet area.

For more detailed information about wrinkle operations and other aesthetic activities, you can contact us here and enjoy achieving the look you dreamed of. With this step you will take for your health and beauty, take a step towards a more confident and more enjoyable future with Healdone‘s expert team!

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