Recovery process after nose surgery

Nose surgery, one of the most common facial plastic surgery applications, is performed to change the shape of the nose or improve its function due to trauma or birth defects. In addition to aesthetic concerns, nose surgery aims to correct fractures caused by injury and improve respiratory difficulties; It is also known as Rhinoplasty.
Before the operation, the patient’s nose structure, shape, skin texture and face shape are examined by the surgeon and the most compatible nose shape with the face is determined. This surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, may take approximately 2-2.5 hours depending on the procedure to be performed. The recovery process after nose surgery also differs according to the surgical procedure applied.

Complications After Nose Surgery

As with all surgeries, nose surgery carries some risk. Possible complications you may encounter after nose surgery:

• Bleeding:

Bleeding after nose surgery is an expected situation. A slight leakage of bleeding may be seen. In the first 24-48 hours after the surgery, bleeding decreases and ends completely. However, if the leaking blood takes the form of drops, you should inform your doctor immediately.

• Infection:

Infection may occur after nose surgery. However, against the risk of infection, your doctor may recommend the use of antibiotics before and after the procedure.

• Impacts:

It is very important to protect the nose area after the surgery. Light blows may not cause any problems in the nasal tissue. However, a severe blow can cause curvatures in the nose. In such a case, you should definitely contact your doctor.

• Difficulty breathing:

Existing respiratory problems before the surgery may become more pronounced after the procedure. In addition, if you have an allergic body, this can cause respiratory distress.

• Changes in sensation:

During rhinoplasty, thin nerve fibers may also be cut along with the tissues, resulting in temporary loss of sensation. However, the persistence of this condition is very rare.

• Tissue loss:

In some cases, post-operative recovery may be delayed and skin tissue may be lost. Smoking, in particular, can exacerbate this condition. In such a case, you should definitely talk to your doctor and apply for a second surgical procedure if necessary.

• Disliking the shape of the nose:

Since edema occurs after the nose surgery, it is not possible to have a clear idea about the shape of the nose. It may take 6-18 months for the edema to go away completely. After your nose takes its final shape, you may not like the shape. In this case, you can discuss with your doctor and decide whether a revised surgery should be performed.

What to Do After Nose Surgery?

The recovery period after nasal bone surgery is a period that requires the patient to protect himself. After the procedure, you should pay attention to the following issues:
• You should protect the nose area against trauma, and avoid activities that require bending to increase blood pressure in the head area.
• Swelling occurs after nose surgery. In order to reduce swelling, you should make sure that the pillow you use while lying down is as high as possible.
• You should avoid using blood thinners and stay away from blood-thinning foods.
• You should move as slowly as possible for 10 days after the procedure and avoid sports activities for at least 3 weeks.
• It is important that the splints or plasters that protect the nose area do not get wet after the nose surgery. You should pay attention to this issue and you should not wash your head for a while after the operation.
• Do not wear glasses unless your doctor gives permission.
• You can help the edema to be resolved quickly by massaging the area after nose surgery.
Nose surgery is among the surgical procedures that do not make mistakes. The surgery should be performed by expert surgeons and experienced teams. It is expected that the clinic where the procedure will be performed is fully equipped and that the devices to be used are of high quality and in accordance with the latest technologies.
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