Stomach Reduction in Turkey

Turkey has succeeded in making its own mark in the world of cosmetic medicine in its various fields and branches, due to its high-level medical services, within hospitals and centers equipped with the most modern medical devices and tools worldwide at the cheapest costs. Stomach reduction surgery in Turkey, one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, is today considered the perfect solution for everyone who suffers from obesity and overweight problems, as well as digestion and stomach problems in general.


What is the stomach reduction surgery?

Stomach reduction surgery in Turkey is a cosmetic procedure that has several different types and techniques, some of which are surgical and others are non-surgical. Less than the usual amount before, and therefore, within a short period of time, the patient undergoing one of the types of gastric reduction surgery in Turkey, which is determined by the doctor according to each patient’s condition, can lose excess weight and obtain the ideal body that he has always dreamed of.

Who are the candidates for gastric bypass surgery?

Not everyone who suffers from obesity can perform a stomach reduction surgery, as it is like other cosmetic operations, it has certain conditions that must be met by those who wish to perform it, and they are as follows:
• Those who are obese, and their obesity rate exceeds 40-50 kg.
• Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot perform the gastric bypass operation.
• Those who suffer from some stomach diseases, such as stomach ulcers or stomach cancer, cannot perform the operation.
• The cause of obesity must be the increase in the amount of food, as it is not possible to perform a stomach reduction operation if the cause is a genetic disease or a hormonal imbalance.
• The person suffering from a chronic disease, heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure should consult a specialist doctor to find out whether he is a candidate or not, as in some cases it is possible to perform a gastric reduction operation.


What are the risks of stomach reduction surgery?

We have to distinguish between the side effects and risks resulting from the stomach reduction surgery, as the stomach reduction, like any other surgery, is likely to have certain damages and risks as a result of a medical error, or the body not responding as required, or for an unknown reason that was not taken into account. The most prominent of these risks are:
• Vomiting blood, it is possible to vomit blood immediately after the operation as a result of a medical error.
• Dehydration, due to the lack of fluid in the body caused by the small size of the new stomach and its inability to absorb enough fluids.
• Bacterial infection, it is possible that a wound infection may occur as a result of non-sterilization of the medical tools used during surgery, or the patient’s failure to take the antibiotics recommended by the specialist doctor.
• Swelling and nausea. The patient may feel constant bloating and nausea as a result of eating foods rich in fat or high in sugar.
As for the complications and side effects that are expected to appear after the gastric bypass operation and are not at all alarming, through some painkillers and drugs recommended by the doctor, they can be overcome, here are the most prominent:
• Pain in the abdomen.
• Swollen legs.
• vomiting.
• Diarrhea or constipation.
• Disorders of the digestive system.


Types of gastric bypass surgeries in Turkey

Sleeve gastrectomy

One of the most famous gastric reduction surgeries in Turkey, used to lose excess weight, by which 70% of the original stomach volume is removed, thus reducing the capacity of the large stomach to absorb food and liquids, which in turn helps to get rid of obesity and excess weight within a period of time short.
There are many types and methods used to perform the sleeve gastrectomy, where the specialist doctor chooses the most appropriate according to the percentage of fat and the condition of each patient separately.

Gastric banding

Gastric banding, also one of the types of gastric reduction operations through which the size of the stomach is reduced and thus the patient feels full with less food and fluids than usual. In this type of stomach reduction surgery, after applying the effect of general anesthesia, a certain number of openings are created in the stomach and through these openings, the endoscope is inserted and penetrated, so that the doctor injects the patient with a solution that helps in contracting and shrinking the stomach. The process takes approximately two to three hours.


Gastric bypass surgery

A surgery in which a smaller stomach size is obtained, by creating a new path to the stomach by connecting the upper part of it directly with the small intestine, meaning that food does not pass to the lower part of the stomach, and thus the patient feels full immediately due to the small size of the new stomach. The process takes between 2-4 hours.

Gastric balloon operation

Gastric balloon, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, which is carried out by inserting an empty balloon into the stomach through the mouth through the endoscope and filling it with a liquid substance, where the balloon reserves a location in the stomach whose size is determined by the doctor according to the patient’s condition, and thus the stomach’s capacity to absorb food and fluids decreases due to Because the remaining empty stomach space. Which helps in losing weight and getting rid of obesity. Gastric balloon operation, a temporary operation and the balloon must be removed after a period of 6-9 months.

Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox, one of the most modern gastric reduction techniques, is a safe and non-surgical process, through which the endoscope equipped with a Botox injection is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, after applying local anesthesia to the mouth and lungs, where Botox relaxes the stomach muscles and reduces their work, which reduces the feeling With hunger and a bowel movement, the need to eat large amounts of food and fluids decreases.

The results and benefits of gastric bypass surgery

• Losing approximately 80% of the excess body weight after one year of gastric bypass surgery.
• From a psychological point of view, the patient’s self-confidence increases after getting rid of excess weight, so he becomes more positive and energetic.
• improves the performance of vital body systems; Like the heart, kidneys and lungs, and reducing body fat percentage protects and reduces the risk of blood clots.

Important tips before undergoing gastric bypass surgeries

1. The patient must do some medical examinations and analyzes, to detect whether there is any problem that may hinder the course of the operation or negatively affect its outcome.
2. Refrain from smoking and materials containing nicotine for a period of not less than one month before the operation.
3. Adherence to a certain healthy diet and avoiding certain foods and drinks, as recommended by the specialist doctor.
4. Avoid taking blood-thinning drugs that hinder blood clotting during the operation, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, as well as some natural drinks such as green tea.

Important tips after gastric bypass surgery in Turkey

1. Avoid exerting physical effort and carrying heavy things, as well as avoiding cases of anxiety and tension immediately after the operation.
2. Do not swim and stop exercising in the first period after the operation.
3. Refrain from smoking for a period of no less than two weeks after the operation.
4. Commitment to a healthy diet, as recommended by the specialist doctor and the supervisor of the operation.
5. Adherence to medications, vitamins and recommended tips, to relieve pain and avoid any side complications after the operation.
6. In the event that any unexpected symptoms appear, you must contact the specialist doctor and take his advice before taking any action.

What is the cost of gastric bypass surgery in Turkey for the year 2023?

In general, the cost of gastric bypass operations in Turkey is considered the most economical in the whole world, as Turkey attracts patients from different Arab and European countries, not only because of the competitive prices and the great experience of doctors, but also for the services it provides to patients to feel comfortable and happy throughout the stay in Turkey. In our (HEALDONE) center, we will guarantee you an integrated recreational treatment journey and a cosmetic result that you have always dreamed of.
The cost of gastric bypass surgery in Turkey varies, depending on the type of operation that is determined by the doctor, according to each patient’s case. The average price for a gastric reduction operation for the year 2023 in Turkey is (2500 USD).

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