Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

As in every surgical intervention, there are many different points to be considered after hair transplantation. Care must be taken to accelerate the healing process and maximize the efficiency of the procedure.

Post-Hair Transplant Process

In the process after this process, you need to apply some maintenance routines. The points you need to pay attention to may vary depending on the planting method you prefer, but it is important to be sensitive to the treated area so that the hair follicles adapt to your skin and the treatment progresses positively.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

Among the things to be considered after hair transplantation are the following:

  • Sleeping in an upright position and using a neck pillow.
  • Applying cold compresses to the face with ice packs.
  • Not scratching the scalp.
  • To keep the treated area clean.
  • Being gentle while washing the treated area after the procedure.
  • Avoiding physical activities for approximately one month.
  • Not to be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Using drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Healing Process

The hair transplant healing process is a process that is completed in about a year, together with the before and after. After the application, reddening, crusting and shedding occur on the skin. These situations are quite normal and are part of the process. The growth of the transplanted hair and the success of the treatment are observed in approximately one year. During the transplanting of the grafts taken one by one, redness is experienced. The shock shedding process, which is a part of the healing process, is experienced three months after the procedure. At this stage, the remaining parts of the hair transplanted on the skin are broken off and shed, but in this case, you should not panic. Well, when is it normal to lie down after a hair transplant? After the procedure, it is recommended to lie upright with a neck pillow for about a week. Afterwards, the patient can carefully return to the normal sleeping position.

Swelling After Application

Swelling after hair transplantation is a part of the process, swelling may occur on your scalp and face after the procedure. After the application, facial and scalp swelling is observed in almost every patient. The swelling actually starts as soon as the transplantation is completed and continues to be seen in approximately 4-5 days. You can apply ice to your face to reduce the swelling in question, but you should not apply this to your scalp.

Taking a Shower After Hair Transplant

It is inconvenient to take a shower after hair transplantation, but it is recommended not to take a bath to wet the treated area until 72 hours after the procedure. The time recommended by physicians to take a shower is 3 days.
Post-Process Care It is necessary to wait approximately 3 or 4 days to care after hair transplantation. To wash your hair, you should use the shampoo and lotion that your doctor recommends for you. These products should be used once or twice a day for 15 days. When applying the products, the scalp should be delicately treated and massage movements should not be made.

Shock Shedding After Hair Transplant

Shock Shedding After Hair Transplant

The reason for the shock loss after hair transplantation is that the follicles are transplanted during the procedures, not the hair strands. For this reason, shedding starts after about 10 days and shock shedding occurs within 3-4 weeks. During shedding, the strands fall in the form of cut hair and this is a very natural process.

The important thing is not that the hair strands do not fall out, but that the hair follicles adapt to their new living spaces and continue their lives in that area. You can get information by meeting with the expert staff of the Healdone team and you can get the healthy hair you want as soon as possible.

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