Things to Consider Before and After Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the methods of surgical intervention to get rid of the weight that men and women want to lose but cannot lose. After certain tests and examinations, adult individuals who are suitable for treatment can have this application.

What is Liposuction?

So, what is liposuction, which we hear frequently and is getting more popular every day, and what does it do? This process is one of the methods of eliminating resistant and abnormally located fat deposits in the body that cannot be given despite diet or exercise.

Who Can Have Liposuction?

This procedure is suitable for all age groups, but it is usually done for adults. So, who can have liposuction? It is possible to give the following answers to this question:

  •  Women who have not yet given birth,
  • Individuals who do not have to be treated continuously,
  • Persons who do not have a mobility disability,
  • People with excess fat in areas such as waist, abdomen, back, hips, hips, around the knees, under the chin and inner thighs.

Although there is no obligation, the fact that the patients do not smoke affects the result positively.

Things to Consider Before the Procedure

Things to Consider Before the Procedure

Although this method is one of the slimming techniques, it should be performed by surgeons who are experts in the field. Therefore, your general health should be suitable and good before liposuction. One of the requirements for the procedure is to have a body mass index below 30%, and you also need to have firm and flexible skin. Another point to be considered before the operation is that you should not use blood thinners and pain relievers. If you have a chronic disease such as heart disease and diabetes, or if you have a low immunity, you should definitely inform your doctor about this before the procedure.

Post-Process Points to Consider

After liposuction, the patient must stay in the hospital. After the discharge, the controls should not be interrupted on the days and hours specified by the doctor and should be kept under control until the healing process is completed. The formation of edema in the areas where fat is removed after the surgery is extremely normal and daily massage to these areas accelerates the recovery. The patient should use a corset and bandage for an average of 6 weeks, depending on the characteristics of the treated area. After the operation, it is recommended that the patient not smoke. The use of tobacco products adversely affects the healing process.

Liposuction Surgery

This surgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia. The area with resistant oils and to be thinned is first inflated with a special liquid. This liquid causes the fat cells in the area to swell, and then these cells are absorbed easily and quickly. In this process, which lasts for 20 minutes on average, fat cells are absorbed with the help of special cannulas and negative pressure. No suturing is required after the procedure, but approximately 1 cm long scars are formed in the areas where the cannulas enter. These scars fade over time as part of the healing process.

Loss of Liposuction

Although this procedure, which is frequently performed, is safe, it has some risks. These negative situations, which can be defined as liposuction damages, vary according to the method applied. After hematoma or seroma methods, conditions such as bleeding in the closed space under the skin or leakage of serum under the skin may occur. Nerve damage is unlikely, but possible. Swelling of the treated areas within 4 to 12 weeks and then the reduction of these swellings are among the possible outcomes.

Liposuction Prices

Liposuction surgery prices may vary according to the application methods and the characteristics of the person. Therefore, you can request a preliminary examination for the procedures you will have with Healdone, and you can get a price quote by deciding on the method of the procedure you want to have. With this method, which is easily applied with the developing technology today, you can recover in the fastest way and safely get rid of your excess fat.

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