What are the types of prosthetic teeth?

Dental and jaw health is an extremely important element for quality of life. Tooth loss and jaw disorders for various reasons can lead to both deterioration of facial aesthetics and the emergence of various health problems. In case of tooth loss, prosthetic teeth are applied to restore chewing function and provide facial aesthetics. These teeth are produced according to the patient’s jaw structure and are divided into different types according to the needs. It is possible to make a total prosthetic tooth alignment, or it is possible to apply one by one. These fixed and removable prostheses are effective alternatives for the treatment of dental and jaw problems of patients.

Types of Prosthesis

Prosthesis types are customized to eliminate these dental problems. Fixed prostheses are prostheses that patients will not need to put on and take off after the dentist’s application. Fixed prostheses are generally used with implant and filling applications. Movable type products, on the other hand, are made suitable for the use of the patient after measuring the jaw and tooth structure.

Best Types of Dentures

Dental prostheses are among the most effective options that can be preferred to eliminate the negative effects of tooth loss. The best types of prosthetic teeth are listed as follows:

  •  Movable variants that can be applied to all jaws and sections.
  • Implant and non-implant porcelain fixed types.
  • Immediate dentures.
  • Overdenture prostheses that can be applied on the root without losing the tooth root.
  • Maxillofacial prostheses used to eliminate tissue loss in the face and jaw area.
  • Prostheses used to reduce and eliminate the effects of bruxism.

As can be seen, dental prostheses can be developed completely for the treatment that patients need. In addition, the patient’s preferences can be taken into account during the application.

Best Types of Dentures

Fixed Prostheses

Fixed prosthetic teeth types are prostheses that are applied on the gums and do not have the feature of insertion and removal. Porcelain dental prostheses, prostheses applied on the root of the tooth, bridge applications and prostheses made with implants are among the fixed dental prostheses. These prostheses create a wide comfort area for users in terms of ease of use. However, it is more difficult for fixed prostheses to adapt to the changes of the palate and gingiva over time compared to the removable types.

Removable Prostheses

Removable dentures are one of the most effective options, especially in cases of multiple tooth loss. These varieties are produced completely artificially according to the palate and gingival structure of the patient. Patients have the chance to remove and wear these prostheses at bedtime or in other necessary situations.

Total Denture Teeth Arrangement

In case of loss of all teeth in the mouth, it is necessary to apply a total prosthetic tooth alignment. These prostheses can be fixed as well as partial. This procedure completely eliminates chewing problems. These very useful prostheses can be applied to patients with a chin implant. For patients with problems in the jawbone, expert opinion should be sought in the total knee.

Precision Connected Combined Prostheses

Precision-connected combined dentures are used in cases where all teeth are not lost but the teeth in one area become dysfunctional. These prostheses can be applied by attaching to healthy teeth or they can be placed in the patient’s mouth area by means of implants and porcelain prosthesis. You can contact us here for information about prosthetic tooth applications and more. By discovering Healdone services, you can take the right steps for your health in many different areas.

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