What is Adolescent Aesthetics? Who Can Have It Done?

Many people perform plastic surgery to get rid of the signs of aging, and to look more youthful; However, according to recent statistics related to plastic surgery, it was shown that adolescents are increasingly turning to plastic surgery of various kinds without studying the merits of these surgeries, and what are the correct conditions that must be taken before performing these operations.

What is Adolescent Aesthetics?

In adolescence, uncontrolled emotional energy can make a person resort to making certain changes in his body in order to release some of these emotional feelings.In this case, the benefits and harms that may occur in adolescents can be discussed by supporting the opinions of psychological experts. Our top priority is to pay attention to whether our teenage patient is fully developed when deciding whether to have plastic surgery or not, and it is our responsibility to prevent unnecessary changes in their body. Therefore, breast augmentation surgery and liposuction as well as rhinoplasty are not cosmetic procedures that we recommend for adolescents, and the problem of breast enlargement (gynecomastia) in adolescent males, is physiological, temporary and natural.There are some cases in which plastic surgery is necessary and inevitable not only for teenagers, but also for children. Notable ear surgeries as well as orthodontic treatments are performed at the age of 5-6, before the child even starts to go to school. In this case, the justification for performing plastic surgery too early, is the presence of corrective (anatomical) and preventive (social – psychological) reasons.

İs adolescent aesthetics harmful?

Is Adolescent Aesthetics Harmful?

There are some cases that require plastic surgical intervention at an early age in order to prevent the development of a problem or to achieve psychological and social support for the patient. In this case, it is possible to perform plastic surgery not only for adolescents but also for children as we mentioned. However, in some cases where there is no necessary medical need to correct a particular error in the face or in the body, the patient under the age of 18 should wait until his growth is fully completed and the exact problems he suffers become clear, otherwise it is possible to cause physical and psychological problems in the future .

Who Can Have Aesthetics?

  • Suitable candidates for plastic surgery are:
  • People who are physically and mentally healthy,

who have completed their physical and mental development,

For those who suffer from significant disfigurement and affect them negatively from a psychological point of view, candidates who are considering plastic surgery are expected to be aware of the potential risks and complications of the surgery, but it is essential that the patient communicates with his doctor on an ongoing basis before and after surgery. On the other hand, those who have a narcissistic personality, and have unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery are unsuitable candidates for plastic surgery, because plastic surgery is not a magic wand and it cannot solve all kinds of problems in a patient’s life.

Is There an Age Limit for Aesthetics?

At what age can plastic surgery be performed and for whom, is a common question. Cosmetic surgeries, are the operations that must be performed after the age of 17-18 years, in order to complete the growth of the human body. However, there are some emergency cases that allow plastic surgery to be performed without waiting for this age limit, such as correcting problems that occur as a result of congenital malformations, accidents or developmental problems.

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