What is Double Aesthetics?

Before giving detailed information about cosmetic procedures for the jaw, it is important to know what the jaw is. The jaw is the part located under the chin and at the beginning of the neck. Sometimes the fatty layer in the jaw area may increase for several reasons or the skin in this area may become loose, giving the jaw a more prominent shape and this situation causes aesthetic concerns for many people.

What is Jaw Surgery?

Jaw aesthetics, is a procedure whose main objective is to correct deformities in the jaw area caused by various factors. Excess fatty tissue is removed using liposuction technique. If the jaw sagging is caused by sagging neck skin, the concerned skin is tightened during the operation and in this way, the neck area will become more aesthetic;

Types of Jaw Surgery

Various cosmetic procedures are successfully applied to solve jaw problems that often come with people’s age. In addition to surgical methods, non-surgical methods of jaw aesthetics have also been developed, so we can say that the methods used in jaw aesthetics are divided into two types into surgical and non-surgical methods.

Surgical methods:

As for the surgical methods used to remove excess fatty tissue in the jaw, it is necessary to perform them in hospitals or health centers that can provide a high-quality professional service. The most common method of jaw aesthetic surgery, which is often applied by experienced plastic surgeons in the field of aesthetics, is neck lift and face-lift surgeries.
An alternative method that can also be applied in the surgical field is liposuction, which is based on the principle of removing excess fatty tissue from the jaw area and reshaping the skin tissue.

Non Surgical Methods:

Since surgical jaw aesthetics are expensive, have certain risks, and the recovery period is long, research has focused on developing non-surgical jaw aesthetics. The most widely used methods are methods based on the use of low-frequency waves such as thermal applications and ultrasound.

How is Non-Surgical Jaw Surgery Performed

How is Non-Surgical Jaw Surgery Performed?

The most important difference between non-surgical jaw surgery and surgical procedures is that their results are not permanent. There is more than one method used in non-surgical jaw aesthetics, most notably monopolar radiofrequency waves called Thermage, where these radiofrequencies, heat is given under the skin in the jaw area with the aim of tightening the area.
The other method of non-surgical jaw aesthetics is ultrasound. In this method, sound waves are directed to the jaw, reducing the fat tissue in the region and obtaining the desired chin shape that is most compatible with the face.

Things to Consider After Jaw Surgery

As with any medical procedure, there are some things that the patient must consider after undergoing jaw surgery:

  • Local anesthesia is generally used in jaw surgery, where the patient can leave the hospital on the same day.
  • After the jaw surgery, the person must use the medicines prescribed by the doctor regularly.
  • The person must follow the rules of hygiene and avoid excessive weight gain.
  • After the cosmetic procedure, the patient should not do work that requires great effort or lift heavy weights.
  • People who use methods such as vaser lipo and laser liposuction must wear a specially prepared corset after the procedure.
  • Mild pain and discomforts that patients may suffer from disappear after about 5 days of the operation.
  • Some pain relievers can be used if the patient feels pain or slight discomfort after the operation.
  • People who suffer from swelling or bruising in the jaw areas after the operation can apply cold compresses to the area.
  • Serious side effects after the operation are very rare, but if the person feels severe pain, he should contact his doctor immediately.

Jaw Surgery Cost

Jaw surgery prices in 2023 may vary depending on the degree of the problem, the surgical method that will be applied, the hospital and the doctor’s experience. The average price for this year is 2500 USD. To answer all your questions related to Jaw surgery , you can now contact the HealDone agency , and at HealDone, you can plan your treatment process in one of the leading clinics in Turkey and with the most experienced doctors in the field.

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