What is Face Lift Surgery? How is it done?

Although face lift is generally perceived as an aesthetic procedure, it is sometimes seen as a medical necessity. The perception that these aesthetic operations are mostly preferred by women is wrong. Face lift is a very popular procedure that is preferred among men over a certain age for skin sagging and loosening. However, it is not possible to talk about a definite age limit for this procedure. It is sufficient to detect that the skin has lost its dynamism as a result of the examinations made with the person feeling himself and his face aged, sagging and loose.

What is a Face Lift?

As human skin ages; Facial sagging may occur due to sun rays, stress, alcohol and tobacco use. These factors also trigger problems such as wrinkles, lines and bagging. Irregular spots occur on the skin, forehead lines become prominent and deep lines occur in areas such as mouth and nose. As the skin ages, it loses its vitality, sunspots and moles appear more often. Face lift surgery for sagging and signs of aging; It is a surgical method for removing and recovering wrinkles and sagging of the skin on the face due to aging by stretching.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Facelift surgery, which is frequently preferred, is the procedure performed with a thin incision that starts in front of the ear and goes towards the back of the ear. The purpose of facelift surgery is not only to stretch the face, but to give the face a suitable shape. The main procedure in this surgery is to restore the sagging skin. During the facelift surgery, the same procedure should be applied to the neck area and a tension towards the chin should be ensured. Moreover, the efficiency obtained from the operation can be supported by adding various procedures such as fat injection, filling or chin aesthetics to this process.

What are the Causes of Facial Sagging

What are the Causes of Facial Sagging?

The skin on our skin begins to lose its elasticity as we age. The muscles become atrophied, as a result of which aging symptoms occur on the sagging skin. A saggy and wrinkled face reveals the advancing age even more. Facial tightening procedures are often explored at this point.

The right lifestyle is one of the most necessary conditions to help the skin stay young, vigorous and healthy, but there are also natural ways to make face lifts that keep the skin more compact, lifted and light. Some of these ways are:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays: Intense exposure to harmful UV rays slows down the production of collagen and activates the enzymes that break down existing collagen in the body. This causes loss of elasticity on the skin and a decrease in collagen as age progresses.
  • Preventing the loss of facial fat: Loss of facial fat over time also causes sagging of the face. At this point, the use of humidifier plays an important role.
  • Taking collagen supplements: Slowing down of collagen production in the body accelerates aging. Therefore, taking collagen supplements is one of the processes that you can easily apply.

The effects of aging are mostly seen around the chin and cheeks. The spot of difference is largely due to fat loss and is evident in the middle of the face. In addition, the lines between the mouth and nose and the sagging are very noticeable in this period when the jowl begins to develop.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods

There are methods that you can get rid of sagging without surgery. These procedures show recovery in a shorter time compared to surgeries and the patient can easily return to his daily life. These methods can be listed as follows:

  • Non-surgical face lift with locking sling,
  • Face lift with Thermage,
  • Liquid face lift,
  • Filling injection,
  • Facial mesotherapy,
  • Face lift tape application,
  • Golden needle application,
  • Spider web,
  • Endopeel,
  • Facelift with focused ultrasound.

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