What is Jaw Aesthetics?

Jaw aesthetics is the name given to the surgical procedure that is performed to change the shape of the chin and make it more proportional to the rest of the face.This operation can be performed in different ways, such as adding implants for patients with a small jaw, or making displacement, movement or shortening of part of the deformed jaw. All these procedures are determined by the specialist surgeon and according to the patient’s condition.

Types of Jaw Surgery

Cosmetic jaw surgery is divided into two types, depending on whether the patient has problems with biting and chewing or not.
If the patient suffers from problems in biting and chewing, he is usually referred to orthodontic treatment. The surgeries are more comprehensive and have a longer recovery period compared to cosmetic jaw surgeries, but they guarantee very satisfactory results.

The second type of jaw surgery is cosmetic jaw surgery that is performed to improve the shape of the jaw and make it more in line with the rest of the face. These surgeries are relatively simple and have shorter recovery periods.

Things to Consider After Jaw Surgery

The most important things that the patient should take into account after the cosmetic jaw surgery are as follows:

  • You should not eat or drink for at least two hours after the surgery.
  • It is possible to return again to brushing the teeth and washing the mouth one day after the surgery.
  • You should not eat on the side that underwent the operation for a week.
  • You must adhere to a soft and light diet on the teeth as much as possible.
  • The patient should avoid foods that are too hot, too cold, acidic, or highly spicy, and foods that contain grains should not be eaten.
  • You must not smoke for at least one week after the operation.
  • Although it is usually a simple procedure, tooth extraction, like all surgical interventions, causes slight trauma to the surrounding tissues, which can cause edema and redness of the skin in varying degrees from mild to moderate.
  • Swelling usually occurs after surgery and reaches its maximum within the first 48 hours. There is no cause for concern.
  • Cold compresses should be applied to the surgical area for intermittent periods of 5 minutes during the first 24 hours
  • If you feel comfortable in the first days after surgery but start to feel pain after that, this may indicate an infection, usually caused by smoking or food getting into the wound. Your doctor will help ease your complaint by dressing the wound area and arranging your medications.
  • The medications your doctor will prescribe before and after surgery should be used regularly as recommended.

How is jaw aesthetics done

How is Jaw Aesthetics Done?

The method to be chosen in chin plastic surgery is determined according to the patient’s problem and the goal of the surgery. Chin augmentation with a chin implant is the easiest and most effective method in cases where the lower jaw is small and retracted.

In these surgeries that can be performed under local or general anesthesia, the chin implant is inserted in the appropriate size for the patient’s needs through a small incision made under the chin or inside the mouth. After this surgery, which takes less than an hour, the dressing is placed for a few days, The positive effects of surgery begin to appear on the face quickly.

Among implants of different structures, shapes, and sizes, the implant is selected according to the patient’s needs and the surgeon’s preference, and in some cases, the patient’s bone or cartilage tissue can be used instead of the implant.

As for people whose chin is long and extended in front of the nose when looking at it from the side. Jaw aesthetics is performed using general anaesthesia. The extremities of the chin that will be operated on are identified with the patient in advance with special medical tools. The surgery for patients over 20 years of age takes 1.5 to 2 hours. If the application is carried out inside the mouth, it will not leave any visible traces.”

Jaw Aesthetic Cost

jaw surgery prices in 2023 may vary depending on the degree of the problem, the surgical method that will be applied, the hospital and the doctor’s experience. The average price for this year is 2500 USD.
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