What is the Golden Ratio?

What does the golden ratio mean? One of the common questions in the field of plastic surgery. The golden ratio is a geometric and numerical ratio used in mathematics and art, as it is believed to give the most harmonious and beautiful dimensions. This ratio also applies to the ideal human figure, when the proportions of the body and face are equal to the golden ratio, the ideal figure of the human body is obtained.

How is the Golden Ratio Measured?

As for the question of how to measure the golden ratio in plastic surgery, It is measured by taking the ratio of the length of the face to the width, the ratio of the length from the wings of the nose to the tip of the chin to the distance between the middle of the lip and the tip of the chin, the ratio of the distance from the outer point of one eye to the outer point of the eye opposite to the horizontal length of the lip, the ratio of the distance between the lip and the eyebrow connection To the long part of the nose, the ratio of the distance from the hairline to the wings of the nose to the distance from the wings of the nose to the tip of the chin, the basic calculations that help achieve the golden ratio of the face, for a more symmetrical and beautiful face

Golden Ratio Measures:

Plastic arts and architecture attempt to achieve beauty by following the laws of harmony in nature, these mathematical patterns are also used to calculate the ideal proportion in the human body. This principle of harmony, which is quite evident in ancient Egyptian inscriptions and ancient Greek and Roman artwork, is based on the number Phi 1.618. Measurements of the golden ratio are as follows, the ratio of the height of the whole body from the floor to the navel gives the number Phi. The ratio between the elbows and the wrists of our arms gives the Phi number, and the ratio of the elbow to the shoulder of the entire arm from our wrists to the shoulders is the Phi number.

Required surgeries to capture the golden ratio

Required Surgeries to Capture the Golden Ratio

The cosmetic procedures that are applied to the face that does not achieve the golden ratio are called the cosmetic procedures with the golden ratio. In short, all the cosmetic procedures for the face with the golden ratio are also called Profiloplasty. Through it, the face as a whole is evaluated. while performing plastic surgeries within the framework of the golden ratio; Care is taken to ensure that structures such as the forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheek, chin, lips, neck and ears take their perfect shape and correspond to each other. If you are asking about the procedures that are performed during the golden ratio facelift, they differ from one person to another, as procedures such as rhinoplasty, orthodontic treatments, dental implants, Hollywood smile and many other facial plastic surgeries necessary to achieve the golden ratio can be applied.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Golden Ratio Face?

The cost of the golden ratio operation varies according to the person’s condition, as it, as we mentioned, can include a group of facial surgeries. The average Golden Ratio operation in Turkey for 2023 is $3000.”
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