What is Transparent Braces? Does It Cause Pain?

What are Transparent Calendar Brackets?

Transparent orthodontic brackets, are brackets used instead of metal braces in the treatment of dental problems that affect the structure of the mouth and jaw, such as the curvature of the teeth and the spaces between the teeth, as well as the deviation of the teeth. People who are interested in esthetics, prefer transparent braces in their dental treatment because their color looks like the color of natural teeth.

How is Transparent Braces Applied?

When installing transparent brackets for dental treatment, at first the doctor puts an adhesive substance on each tooth in order, then special clamps are placed to fix the transparent wire and an arc wire is placed between the clamps attached to the teeth and this wire passes through all the clamps, and in the end, a rubber band is used To fix the clamps in the arch wire. These rubber bands can be changed each time an orthodontic examination is performed. in transparent wire processing.

To Whom Is Transparent Braces Applied?

Orthodontic treatment with transparent braces can be applied to all patients of different ages who have a suitable oral and jaw structure for treatment. After the examination, the orthodontist decides whether the patient is suitable for treatment with clear braces.

Does transparent braces cause pain

Does Transparent Braces Cause Pain?

In the first period after the installation of transparent braces, patients often feel uncomfortable when the braces touch their lips, cheeks and tongue, some pain may occur as a result of these contacts, but the situation improves within a week and the pain will disappear on its own, because the mouth, teeth, tongue and palate will adjust with braces. Pain caused by transparent braces usually appears in the first days of orthodontic treatment, but if you do not go to doctors specializing in orthodontic treatments periodically for routine check-ups, it is possible to face some pain in the advanced stages of treatment.

Cleaning Transparent Dental Braces

Teeth cleaning should always be a priority in our lives, so we should brush our teeth at least twice a day. From the moment we start using transparent braces for orthodontics, plaque cleaning should be added to your dental cleaning routine, as you can also clean clear plaque with your toothbrush, but we do not recommend using toothpaste, because it damages the surface of the plaque and removes the transparency of the plaque, so we recommend brushing with water only for 1 minute for the lower and upper plates. After cleaning the teeth and dental plaque, you can wear the plaque comfortably.

What are the Differences Between Transparent Braces and Braces?

It is possible to clarify the difference between metal brackets and transparent brackets through the following points:

  • Metal braces appear more visible on the surface of the teeth than clear braces.
  • Teeth with clear braces are more susceptible to staining than teeth with metal braces.
  • Metal brackets are more durable than clear brackets.
  • The difference between clear and metal braces is also seen in tartar formations, as the structure of clear wires is more suitable for tooth decay.
  • Metal brackets are more cost effective.
  • Metal braces use a stronger force on the teeth than clear braces. This allows the teeth to reach the desired result more quickly.
  • In teeth with metal brackets, follow-up and continuity of treatment is better than in teeth with clear brackets.
  • Clear braces are most useful for those with aesthetic concerns.

The Cost of Transparent Dental Braces

Prices for dental transparent braces in 2023 may vary depending on the degree of the problem, the hospital and the doctor’s experience. The average price for this year is 1500 dollars to answer all your questions related to orthodontic treatments, you can now contact the Healdone Center team, and at Hill Dawn, you can plan your treatment process in one of the leading clinics in Turkey and with the most experienced doctors in the field.

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