Dental Aesthetic

Dental Aesthetic

Oral and dental health is of vital importance for humans. Digestion starts in the mouth. Teeth are responsible for breaking down food and sending it to the stomach. At this point, missing, decayed or unhealthy teeth threaten people’s overall body health. In addition, teeth are important for a perfect smile. People want to laugh and talk in social situations. However, they may not be able to fulfill these wishes due to missing, decayed and bad-looking teeth. As a result, teeth are very important both physiologically and psychologically. Dental aesthetics is a great option for those who have dental problems. In other words, it makes it possible for people to achieve the teeth of their dreams.

What is Dental Aesthetics?

The question of what dental aesthetics is in the minds of those who want to have more beautiful and healthy teeth. It is an application that is necessary if undesirable situations are encountered in the general appearance of the tooth. Some teeth are far from aesthetic appearance. In addition, it is a serious problem that the teeth are not in the same alignment. In addition, some people want to have a healthy tooth structure. Dental aesthetics becomes necessary in all these cases. Dental aesthetics eliminates congenital or acquired tooth structure problems. Thanks to this application, it becomes possible to align the teeth in an ordered manner.

What are Dental Aesthetic Applications?

Thanks to dental aesthetic applications, consistency is provided between the upper and lower jaw, a homogeneous mouth shape is obtained, it becomes possible to get rid of bad breath and chewing problems, people’s self-confidence increases, factors such as food residues and smoking are prevented from causing yellowing of the teeth, the immunity of the mouth and teeth is strengthened, and people get the chance to speak much more beautifully and effectively.


Types of dental aesthetics can be summarized as follows:


  • Smile Aesthetic: Efforts are made to plan the most beautiful smile that combines function, aesthetics and naturalness. During smile aesthetics, procedures such as whitening, implant applications, porcelain laminates and gum leveling are performed. In addition, factors such as the person’s facial form and shape, gender, skin color, lips, lip edges, arrangement and color of the teeth are taken into consideration.
  • Gingival Aesthetic: Some people have problems with their smile. People’s self-confidence is damaged because the gum tissue appears too much or the teeth have a short appearance. Gum shaping applications provide solutions to such problems. Laser devices are utilized during such applications. In this way, no bleeding occurs.
  • Teeth Whitening: It is among the types of dental aesthetics. It is a procedure performed without any damage to the teeth with the use of appropriate gel. It can be repeated considering aesthetic elements.
  • Composite bonding applications: People face a number of problems, especially in the anterior teeth. Different problems such as crowding, broken and collapsed teeth or short and small teeth come to the fore. Thanks to composite bonding applications, these problems are overcome. Composite fillings are selected to match the tooth color and light transmittance of the teeth. It should also be said that they are applied by paying attention to people’s tooth forms.
  • Porcelain lamina applications: It is the right option for those who complain of minor crowding. In addition, people who want to undergo orthodontic treatment can also benefit from these applications. People whose tooth color and forms are not aesthetic can also achieve the look they want with porcelain lamina applications.
  • Full ceramic crowns: It is an application known as veneers. By cutting and reducing the teeth completely, space is made for the crowns planned to be made. Especially with crowns that do not contain metal infrastructure, the desired tooth appearance is achieved.
  • Implant applications: Bridge prosthesis applications are used to fill the gap that will arise as a result of tooth loss in the anterior region. Ideal gum harmony and form harmony are achieved with implant applications and prosthesis.
  • Laser applications: One hundred percent success is achieved in the removal of carious tissue. In addition, it is a useful option in many gum applications.
  • Inlay / Onlay restorations: These are fillings made directly by the physician. It is a serious advantage to be made in a laboratory environment. It is useful in cases where there is a large loss of volume or form in the tooth tissue.


Before Dental Aesthetics

Before dental aesthetics, the person should know exactly what they want. Many people want veneers. However, at the same time, they are disturbed by the possibility of their teeth wearing out. At this point, a consultation with the specialist should be made. Also, it should be checked whether the teeth are symmetrical. The effect of lip filling should be taken seriously. Ultimately, personal demands in dental aesthetics guide the treatment.

Things to Consider After Dental Aesthetics

  • Patients should avoid spitting, touching the area and pulling the lip and cheek after dental aesthetics.
  • The treated area should be brushed as recommended by the doctor.
  • Soft foods should be consumed, especially in the first three days.
  • Movements that increase the heart rate and cause bleeding should be avoided.

Who Can Have Dental Aesthetics?

One of the issues as important as how dental aesthetics is done is who will benefit from these applications.

  • Those who think that there is a problem with their oral and dental health and smile
  • Suffer from crowding in the alignment of the teeth
  • Those with large gaps between the teeth
  • Those with discolored teeth

Thanks to dental aesthetics, they can have much more beautiful teeth and healthy smiles.

Dental Aesthetics Prices

In 2023, the average price of dental aesthetics is 2500 US dollars. However, prices may vary according to criteria such as the type of operation and the material to be used.


Does teeth whitening have a permanent effect?

Teeth whitening is an application that loses its effect over time. The patient's care for oral health and dental care after teeth whitening determines this period.

Does a tooth filling cause bad breath?

Since the dental filling is made of colorless and odorless materials, it does not smell in the mouth.

What should I pay attention to after teeth whitening?

After teeth whitening treatment, you should be careful for the first 2 weeks. In particular, tooth-yellowing substances such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes should be avoided. In the first months, excessively cold or hot drinks should be avoided. In addition, acidic drinks such as cola will also damage your teeth in this process. Attention should be paid to these factors.


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