Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Teeth are also important in terms of aesthetics and health. There are many people who complain about the shape of their teeth, as they feel bad because of the disturbance in the alignment of their teeth. By orthodontic treatment, this problem is solved in the most effective way.

What is orthodontic treatment?

We can say that, if dental problems are not resolved as quickly as possible, the person’s physical and psychological health will be negatively affected. In order to eliminate almost all dental disorders, certain treatment options such as orthodontics are used. But, it should be planned in detail in advance to whom, under what conditions and when the orthodontic treatment will be applied.

Many people wonder why they have orthodontics fitted. orthodontics; It is a useful treatment method to eliminate the spaces between the teeth, especially the problem of irregular teeth and the jaw joint, find a solution to crowding of the teeth, as well as design a smile and also in the application of some necessary dental treatments. It is also effective in arranging the teeth and jaw in the best possible way.

How is orthodontic treatment performed?

We must mention that the treatment is carried out with different options for those who are considering how to install the orthosis, as more than one holder or device is used. Calendar; Placed on the teeth, the metal brackets are passed to the handles called the bracket, and a constant force is applied to the teeth at a certain rate. In this way, it is ensured that the teeth are positioned in the desired directions.
In Turkey, it is not possible to obtain immediate results from orthodontic treatment. In other words, it is a long-term treatment and it is necessary to readjust the force applied to the teeth at certain intervals of time.”

Orthodontic stages

Orthodontics; Commonly known as orthodontic treatment, it is a type of treatment aimed at protecting the health of the teeth and gums. In addition, it prevents problems that a person may face with age.
Orthodontic treatment is carried out in two stages: First, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth are placed in the desired places at the correct angles. In the second stage, it aims to protect the position of the teeth in place and ensure their durability. There are three different types of braces that must be attached to the teeth, where the choice is made between braces made of metal materials, plastic and ceramic, in general, dentists prefer metal braces. But, cosmetically, other types of braces are chosen more. By passing a wire called the arch wire inside the arches, the wire in question determines the direction of the movements that must be given to the teeth. In other words, thanks to this wire, the teeth reach right angles.

In the second stage of orthodontic treatment, it aims to permanently fix the teeth in their correct places. If the second stage is unsuccessful, this is evidenced by the return of the teeth to their previous places. Here we can say, that orthodontic treatment has failed.”

Braces types

  • Metal braces: The best option for those who started orthodontic treatment when they were young. Treatments with these braces take a shorter time. Also, we must say that it is more durable.
  • Porcelain trusses: stanchions that do not attract much attention. Therefore, it is preferred by people with aesthetic interests. They can be defined as transparent arcs.
  • Internal braces: This is an increasingly popular option among types of orthodontics. An important feature is the attachment of the struts to the inner surface, as they are not noticeable from the outside. However, one of its drawbacks is that the treatment process takes longer.
  • Transparent braces: It is an option known as wire-free braces, one of its most prominent features is that it is definitely not noticed from the outside, and prevents the treatment process from causing aesthetic problems. Plaques are very easy to clean, so the patient can achieve the best oral hygiene.

How long should the calendar be used for?

The number of people looking for an answer to the question of how long braces are installed is very high! So, it must be said that the structure of the tooth is decisive in the duration of the wire, since the duration of orthodontic treatment, ranging from eight months to two years. But, it can take three to four months also in cases where there is a problem with very few teeth.

Things to consider after orthodontic treatment

Having answered the question of how long orthodontic treatment will take, now let’s talk about what to consider after treatment! First of all, oral care and hygiene should be given more importance than usual, and solid, acidic and sticky foods and drinks should be avoided, and eating by biting is not recommended. In order to protect the braces, an intraoral protective device should be used.”

Advantages of orthodontics

  • When talking about the advantages of orthodontics, the first thing that comes to mind is that you have healthy and straight teeth, as the person’s self-confidence increases when obtaining arranged and homogeneous teeth.
  • It becomes possible to get rid of orthodontic problems.
  • The chewing problem caused by crooked teeth is eliminated.
  • It is possible to get rid of dental calculus and the related caries problem.”
  • Disadvantages of orthodontics
  • The most prominent disadvantages of orthodontic treatment, is the person’s feeling of discomfort during the treatment. But, the impact of this problem is reduced thanks to the invisible and aesthetic calendars.
  • Orthodontic wearers cannot eat and drink as much as they want.
  • If the mouth and teeth are not taken care of, the treatment will not be effective.

Orthodontic Cost

It is not possible to give a clear answer to the question of cost! Because prices; It varies according to the type of treatment. However, the average cost of orthodontics as of the current date is $1,500.”


Is orthodontic installation painful?

There is no situation where you feel pain during orthodontic installation as it is considered a painless procedure, it can be completed within 1-2 hours without any problems.

What is the cost of orthodontics in Turkey for 2022?

The cost of braces varies according to the condition of the patient's teeth, the average prices for braces for 2022 in Turkey are ($ 1500).


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