The first beard transplant in Turkey

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Beard Transplant

The first beard transplant center in Turkey

  • DHI & FUE Techniques
  • Cleaning and PRP
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Free Transportation
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Medical Support After Operation
  • 7 Hours Procedure
  • 10 Days Treatment

Beard Transplant

This is one of the cosmetic procedures that have spread widely recently, especially after the great scientific development witnessed in this area and many men and young people are trying to decide to carry out the operation of beard and mustache transplant in Turkey for many reasons are: There are empty areas of hair in the chin or mustache either because exposure to external accidents or facial surgery. Empty areas due to irregular natural distribution due to palpation of testosterone.A type of alopecia. These cases cause a negative psychological impact on many men as the beard and mustache are a manifestation of masculinity for them. Therefore, Medihair World Hospital with its modern and integrated medical systems provides patients with the latest techniques in beard transplantation in Turkey and depends on several foundations, the most important of which: provide maximum comfort for the patient. The patient gets more intense and natural results.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    How do I make an appointment for my hair transplant in Turkey?


    After the evaluation if you are a candidate for a hair transplant a date for the operation can be fixed according to your availability and the availability of the doctors at the clinic. Once you have confirmed everything including the date and time for your operation you can then book your flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

    Please contact us for further details or to book your hair transplant operation.

  • 2

    Is there any scars or trace left after operation?


    Especially in beard planting made with FUE technique, there is no trace. If the operation passes successfully, there is no chance of staying.

  • 3

    How long takes to see the final result in beard transplation?


    In beard transplant, it may take about 10 months to reach the final result. However, this period may be shortened according to the speed of recovery and the observance of the doctor's instructions.

  • 4

    Where the donor hair follicals taken from ?


    One big similarity between hair and beard transplant techniques is that the doctor takes the donor hair from the same area – the back and sides of the head. The reason for this is hair that grows in this area is genetically programmed to be resistant to male pattern balding and therefore won’t fall out.

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