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Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

The beauty and health of hair have always been one of the most prominent signs of beauty for women and men alike, both strive to show the most beautiful image to enjoy the presence and attractive appearance in front of the eyes of society, because the attractiveness of man lies in the signs of manhood and the most important is the beautiful healthy hair, and get healthy hair is not easy, many factors affect hair growth causing hair loss and young age as well.

Here comes the role, hair transplantation for men, it is possible to be one of the two-thirds of men in the world, who have been exposed to one of the causes of baldness, even if you are young, there is inevitable baldness, where studies have reported that 25% of young people at the age of 21, may Have been exposed to at least one case of hair loss.

Genetic causes and factors are the most prevalent such as genetic baldness. Scalp diseases that directly affect hair loss such as alopecia, thyroid disorders. Metabolism disorder in the human body, some chronic diseases.

Too many medications cause hair loss as a side effect. Neuropsychiatric problems and disorders, such as work stress, excessive tension, or fear. Several other reasons are rare.

Women seek long, healthy, and beautiful hair,. Long hair is one of the most prominent signs of beauty in women all over the world. Women who have beautiful, healthy hair are more self-confident and more likely to live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Why should I choose Turkey for a hair transplant?


    Nowadays Turkey is one of the world's leading destinations for hair implants. Turkey has a large number of clinics and many experienced clinicians who can offer quality services at a very affordable price.

  • 2

    How can I choose the best clinic for my hair transplant in Turkey?


    Among the many clinics located in Turkey there are a number of highly regarded clinics in Istanbul. You are advised to learn as much as you can about the care offered, the guarantee of care within a hospital or clinic, the transplant procedure itself, the hygienic and sterile environment associated with the operation, the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals and the type of experience professionals in hair transplantation industry have. You should also check online reviews by former patients to see which patient(s) are satisfied with which clinics.

  • 3

    Can I choose my new front hairline?


    The new hairline is agreed upon (done in agreement) with the medical team before the hair transplant procedure and is based on the location of the frontal muscles on your scalp (taking into consideration your age, the size of the bald area and the symmetry of your face).

  • 4

    How long does a hair transplant procedure take?


    The procedure is completed within a few hours depending on the amount of the hair loss. If the hairless area is too large, several sessions may be needed to complete the treatment. In general, the intervention is carried out with sedation under local anaesthesia.

  • 5

    What are the causes of hair loss in women?


    Hormonal changes. Menopause. Skin diseases such as alopecia. Diseases of the gland. Vitamin deficiency. Wounds and burns. In addition to some unsatisfactory factors, such as genetic factors, prolonged hair coverage, stress factor, tension, and many other factors.

  • 6

    How is the Hair transplant for Women without shaving?


    There are many factors that hinder women to achieve their goal of obtaining long and beautiful hair, including external causes surrounding and internal pathological or genetic. When women 's hair begins to weaken, or decline, or in any case of hair loss, the solution is in, hair transplantation for women, studies have shown that more than 40% of women suffer from hair loss, but with the development of science and technology became possible and the results are guaranteed, Where the number of transplants in women has increased significantly, today we find many celebrities, media, and women with known media, carry out hair transplants without hesitation, as a final solution to perfect hair, it is no longer as it was before, where the full haircut in it, a hindrance in Direct many girls and women to work With the latest technology today, hair transplantation is easy to achieve, and in Turkey, we put your health and beauty first, so we are keen to provide the best results using the best and latest technology available today, with MediHair World you can treat your hair completely and maintain On your beauty even while processing it.

  • 7

    What is Picking Technique (FUE)?


    The FUE technique is based on the extraction of hair roots using precise, special, and designed tools. Hair roots are taken from donor areas within a week after hair transplant. The picking technique does not involve the removal of any type of scalp tissue, meaning that there will be no bandages or sutures due to the lack of scars or wounds as in the slide technique. Therefore the scalp remains intact, as the roots are removed one by one from the donor area and under local anesthesia. The effects of the picking technique are very small wounds that heal quickly.

  • 8

    What is Diamond Stone Technology (Sapphire)?


    Al-Berkutan technique is the newest time in the world of hair transplantation, which started to be introduced and intensified by the practical application after achieving great success. And overcome all the problems and obstacles that were in its predecessors, to become today the most powerful and best technology in the world. This technique adopts a titanium metal tool that carries a very fine head made of natural ambassador stone material. This is the hardest stone on earth after the diamond stone, and this hardness has its advantages and great benefits.

  • 9

    What is Pens Technique(DHI)?


    Choi pens are not used randomly, but they have several advantages. Any complications can occur because of this surgery, but with the technique of Choi, pens can be avoided easily. Short rest period, it is known that the technique of Choi pens we are talking about that after a very short period of use can resume life normally and not get much rest because basically there is no surgery. High success rate, easy successful things are known to be high.

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