Hair Transplanting

Hair Transplanting

With hair transplantation, you can have natural, shiny and healthier hair than before. Hair transplantation, which solves the problem of baldness and falling out, is becoming more and more popular every day. Turkey is considered; One of the leading countries in Europe and even in the world in hair transplantation, as people from different countries come to Turkey to get a hair transplant service. HealDone Clinic , which is located in Istanbul, Beylikduzu, is one of the best centers in which hair transplantation can be performed in Turkey.

What is Hair Transplantation?

The process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the back or sides of the head to balding areas or areas of thinning hair is called hair transplantation. It is performed under local anesthesia, and it is a surgical operation. Types of hair transplant, distinguished in the rate of efficiency that they achieve, which is almost one hundred percent.

What is The Graft?

The graft, not the hair root as it is believed, is a structure that contains the skin and hair roots. There are one or four hair roots in the graft, and there are four types of grafts: single, dual, triple and quadruple.

Who are the candidates for a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant; It is a suitable procedure for those who suffer from severe hair loss. Besides, it is suitable for anyone over 25 years of age, and the person must have a strong donor area, in addition, there must be no health problem that prevents the operation.

How is hair transplantation done?

Many people have a question about how to perform a hair transplant. The transplantation of healthy hair follicles in areas that suffer from baldness or lightness by micro-surgery is called hair transplantation. Hair Transplant; A personal procedure, where the hair follicles resistant to loss are collected, especially from the lower back area of the head, and then the hair roots are transplanted into open channels in the areas where baldness or little hair occurs.

What are the Hair Transplant Stages?

The stages of hair transplantation consist of six different stages as follows: preparation, planning, local anesthesia, collecting follicles, opening channels, and then transplanting hair follicles.

How is the preparation done before hair transplantation?

Before hair transplantation, the patient must be prepared for the operation. In the preparation stage, a blood test and hair examination are performed first, and then the patient’s hair is shaved. In the next step, the number of grafts to be transplanted and in which area is determined. In addition, the front line of the hair is outlined. The process begins with local anesthesia.

The patient may need vitamin supplements during the preparation stage before hair transplantation, in addition, the patient must stop using alcohol and cigarettes for a while, and he must also avoid caffeinated drinks as well as some medications such as aspirin. Finally, you should not eat heavy meals before the operation.

Things to consider after hair transplant

It is recommended that the person rest and spend time at home after hair transplantation, and the pain can be overcome by using analgesics regularly, and the transplanted area should not be interfered with, and the head should also be protected from potential blows, and protected from sunlight.
The washing process should start after the third day of hair transplantation, and a commitment to wearing a hat when going outside.

Hair transplant methods

Hair transplantation methods differ, the most used methods are as follows:

Hair transplantation by the Sapphire FUE technique

It aims to complement the shortcomings of other hair transplantation methods, as it is a common method, in which a fine pen is used with a small pointed sapphire on its tip. Its usefulness is shown by planting at least 6000 roots in one session. Finally, it is an affordable technique compared to other hair transplant methods.

Hair transplant by soft FUE technique

In this method, soft local anesthesia is used, as the patient remains conscious during the procedure. First, the scalp of the patient is cleansed, then soft anesthesia is applied to the patient as mentioned. Next, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transplanted into open channels in the area where baldness or thinning occurs.

DHI hair transplantation

The grafts are collected using a medical pen called Choi, and then the hair follicles with the help of this pen are placed back directly on the skin.

Hair transplantation by TDF technique

Hair transplantation in this technique is performed in two sessions on two consecutive days for men who have more spaces than usual, as it works very well when the front and back parts of the head hair are lighter.

Hair laser

In this technique, the weak hair follicles are stimulated, as in this way, the blood circulation is accelerated and in other words, the cells that cannot produce hair are revived and revitalized.

How many years do hair transplant results last?

Many people are wondering about the durability of hair transplant results. baits; Since the hair is taken from the non-loose area genetically, we can say that the results of the hair transplant process are permanent for life.

Does transplanted hair fall out?

The results of hair transplantation are generally positive, hair loss may occur after transplantation, but this is; One of the requirements of the hair transplant process, but after that, the transplanted hair will certainly not fall out.

What is shock hair loss?

Shock hair loss, is the loss of hair strands transplanted in areas where thinning or baldness occurs after the operation. It is a natural process, and the patient does not need to be concerned about this.

Hair transplant cost

Nowadays, in 2022, the average cost of a hair transplant is $1,500.

How much does one graft cost?

It ranges from 2 Turkish liras to 6 Turkish liras, as it varies according to the city and the hair transplant center.


Is hair transplant harmful?

Hair transplantation, which is performed in qualified hands and under appropriate conditions, has no harm other than the short-term side effects that may occur.

Is it possible to do transplantation without shaving hair?

Especially through the DHI technique, it is possible to perform the entire hair transplant process without the need to shave the patient's hair.

Does the transplanted hair fall out later?

The newly transplanted hair will fall out two to three weeks after the operation.
and begins to grow again after a period of three to four months and then continues to grow throughout life.

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey in 2022?

The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey for 2022 is ($1500).


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