Hair Transplanting

Hair Transplanting

We all strive to have healthy, beautiful hair in a natural way, because hair is simply the crown of the head that gives us more self-confidence when it is in good condition and elegant.

What is the hair transplant process?

Hair transplantation is a non-invasive surgical procedure performed under the influence of local anesthesia, through which hair follicles are transferred from the areas behind and sides of the head (the donor area) to the area suffering from baldness or areas of thinning hair on the head, which is also called (the receiving area).

Hair transplant techniques in Turkey

There are many techniques that are used in the process of hair transplantation in Turkey, and here are the most prominent of them:

FUE Technique

This technique is known as Follicular Unit Extraction, this hair process is extracting hair follicles from scalp transplantation by Micro Motor Extraction Device (MICRO MOTOR), and now its share is approximately 4000 follicles, and implanted in the intended place.

Nano FUE technique

Micro Future Hair Transplant Technique, through which we can get thick and natural hair after undergoing two successive sessions in which approximately (8000) hair follicles are transferred by a precise instrument to the affected areas of the head.

Choi Pen Technology (DHI)

In this hair transplant process, the doctor opens channels in the baldness area or the affected areas of the head with a Choi Pen Implanter to then transplant all the harvested follicles at once and at the same time, their number is approximately (3500). In this technique, we do not have to shave the hair completely, which may be an obstacle for women in particular to undergo hair transplantation. The technology is very precise in terms of the tool and the procedure and the result is definitely thicker looking hair.

Sapphire FUE technique

Sapphire hair transplant technique, the technique that came to complement all the shortcomings of other hair transplant techniques. Where the small pointed sapphire stone is used, which depends on the tip of an extremely precise pen, and no less than 6000 follicles are implanted in one session, what distinguishes this hair transplant technique; In addition to beating the rest of the techniques, it is also distinguished by its very reasonable price.

Robotic hair transplantation technique

Robotic hair transplantation is for people with dark and straight hair. This technique is somewhat similar to the technique of FUE hair transplantation, the only difference is that part of the process is done manually and the other part is automated by a device called the Artas robot.

Who are the candidates for hair transplantation in Turkey?

1. Who has a strong donor area
2. Those who suffer from severe hair loss or those with androgenetic alopecia
3. Who is in good health and does not have any of the diseases that hinder the operation
4. Anyone over 25 years’ old

When do hair transplant results appear?

• The newly transplanted hair will fall out two to three weeks after the operation.
• Hair begins to grow again after a period of three to four months and then continues to grow throughout life.
• Within six to nine months, the patient can see the result of the transplant process clearly.
• 90% of results can be seen within 10-12 months at the most.
Tips before and after hair transplantation in Turkey

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021?

One of the most important things that interest the patient when embarking on a hair transplant procedure is his knowledge of the price and what the costs include, clearly and briefly. Therefore, we at Healdone are always keen to provide all the important information and details, because our first and highest goal is to satisfy patients and help them reach the result they have always dreamed of at the most appropriate prices.
The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey for 2021 is ($1500).




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