The most famous doctors for
sleeve gastrectomy

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

The most famous doctors for sleeve gastrectomy

  • Removing 75 percent of your stomach
  • Helps you to loose weight
  • Rapid an effective weight loss
  • Free Transportation
  • Post-Operation Warranty
  • Medical Support After Surgery
  • 1 Week Treatment
  • 1-30 Hours Procedure

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is a powerful alternative for people who have a high body mass index and get tired of diet and exercise for years without any significant weight loss. It is done under general anesthetic to remove a big part of the stomach (up to 9/10 of the stomach), leaving a small part that cannot carry the usual amount of food, so the patient feels full quickly.

The operation usually takes about an hour. During the operation, a laparoscope is inserted inside your body through tiny surgical cuts to picture the area, then the surgeon removes the planned part of the stomach using medical tools, joining the rest of the stomach portions together.

After the surgery, the patient should eat only pureed foods for at least 4 weeks. Then he can start to eat solid foods slowly with well-chewing. After 2 or 3 months, the patient can go back to his regular meals, but he will not be able to eat the same amount. Thanks to sleeve gastrectomy, people usually lose 60% of their extra weight during a year or year and a half.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    How long does it take to recover from gastric sleeve?


    Within a few weeks, you should start to feel less tired and get back into your normal routine. However, your stomach will still be healing. On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the incisions to heal and 6-8 weeks for the stomach staple line to heal.

  • 2

    What are the reasons for performing the Sleeve Gastrectomy?


    Inability to change eating habits to lose weight. Inability to do exercises to lose weight.Diseases associated with obesity. Have a BMI of more than 35%.

  • 3

    How should I prepare before the surgery?


    In the weeks leading up to your surgery, you may be asked to start a physical activity program and to cut any tobacco use.
    Right before your procedure, you may have restrictions on medications you can take and your eating habit.
    Prepare everything so you can have your recovery period arrange your off workdays and you can ask for help at home if you think you'll need it.

  • 4

    Will I gain weight after surgery?


    The wieght loss surgeries are just tools and a start for your motivation, people lifestyle and eating habits can effect on weight gain

  • 5

    What are the benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy?


    Losing 60-70% of extra weight.
    Effective in treating some health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
    Promoting patient’s self-esteem.
    Get rid of the psychological problems caused by obesity.
    Improve high cholesterol in the blood.
    Treating sleep apnea.
    Get rid of joint pain.

  • 6

    What happens if weight-loss surgery doesn't work?


    It's possible to not lose enough weight or to regain weight after weight-loss surgery. However, This weight gain can only happen if you don't follow the doctor's recommendations. started to frequently snack on high-calorie foods, To avoid regaining weight and get the most from the surgery, you must make permanent healthy changes in your diet and get regular physical activity and exercise.

  • 7

    What is the Nutritional advice before surgery?


    Don't drink sugar calories. ...
    Eat nuts. ...
    Avoid processed junk food (eat real food instead) ...
    Don't fear coffee. ...
    Eat fatty fish. ...
    Get enough sleep. ...
    Take care of your gut health with probiotics and fiber. ...
    Drink some water, especially before meals.

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