Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

People want a beautiful smile more than anything else. However, the number of people who cannot smile as they wish due to different dental problems is quite high. Thanks to the development of technology and medicine, dental problems can be solved permanently and effectively.

The Hollywood smile is growing in popularity every day. People have the question of what a Hollywood smile is.

What is Hollywood smile?

As the name suggests, it refers to the ideal designer smile for the faces of many celebrities and models. It embodies certain characteristics of pearly, shiny, gapless, aligned white teeth. People face a number of dental disorders due to genetic and other factors. Hollywood smile provides an effective solution to all dental disorders.

Hollywood Smile Types

Although there is no dental aesthetic technique or method, the goal of having a smile just like Hollywood stars is taken into consideration. It manifests itself with some dental aesthetic applications as well as digital smile design.
There are some things to know about Hollywood smile. Stars who have found a place in the world of Hollywood not only smile beautifully thanks to their teeth, they are also trained in how to smile. At this point, we should say that the Hollywood smile is not just about design. It also manifests itself as a performance.

The number of people in Turkey who want to get information about the types of Hollywood smiles is quite high. At this point, the structure of the veneers stands out. The quality of the Hollywood smile, which consists of several veneers, varies according to the cost. However, there are Hollywood smile options that appeal to everyone’s budget.

  • Porcelain veneers: It provides the best application of the Hollywood smile. Thanks to the veneers made of porcelain, aesthetic errors are prevented. Especially enamel coating is needed in this process. In the absence of an enamel layer, the element of authenticity will disappear in the final results.
  • Lumineers: A type of partially translucent dental veneer. Unlike porcelain veneers, they stand out with their weak structure. They especially appeal to those who do not want to thin a layer of enamel in order to fix the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.
  • Composite Resin Veneers: They are made of the same material as dental fillings. They are easier to apply than porcelain veneers and lumineers. They can also be modified to fit certain shape and color characteristics.

Before Hollywood Smile Operation

Those who want to have a much more beautiful smile with a Hollywood smile should pay attention to some details before the operation.

  • First of all, foods that irritate the palate should not be consumed.
  • Some people have a troubled palate before the operation. At this point, the treatment process of these people should be completed. In addition, the patient’s condition should be carefully examined. It should be checked whether there is any risk for Hollywood smile.
  • Hospitals with strong and well-equipped infrastructure should be preferred. Those who want to achieve a healthy result should focus on the quality of the center where the operation is performed rather than money.

How is the Hollywood Smile Operation Performed?

The Hollywood smile is an extremely simple operation. Thin ceramics are glued onto the teeth. Lip fillers are also used when necessary. The dentist first creates a dental model that will reveal the individual tooth and jaw structure. In the next stage, the ideal tooth form is prepared on the computer. Dental prototypes are prepared taking into account the data obtained. The prepared prototypes are attached to the person’s teeth. It is checked how they stand on the person’s teeth.

Hollywood smile is first and foremost an aesthetic operation. Therefore, the appearance of the teeth is the most important detail. The appearance of the prototypes is constantly checked. People who are satisfied with the prototypes are fitted with real teeth within seven to 10 days. In this way, the Hollywood smile process is over. The thin ceramics bonded to the teeth during this process will prevent the tooth surface from breaking, abrasion and decay.

Hollywood Smile Steps

  • It is an operation performed with different methods as well as aesthetic dentistry. It is decided which or which of the different options such as teeth whitening, porcelain and composite laminates, full ceramic veneers, zirconium-supported veneers, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, gum surgery are necessary.
  • White gums and pink gums are regulated. Efforts are made to reduce the black appearance between the teeth and gums. Teeth are lengthened and increased in volume.
  • The width and length ratios of the teeth are prepared as the golden ratio.

After Hollywood Smile Operation

  • The dentist who performed the operation should be visited regularly.
  • Fluoride toothpastes without abrasive properties should be preferred.
  • Dental floss should be used. The mouth should be rinsed regularly.
  • Foods with high sugar content should never be consumed.
  • Foods such as walnuts and hazelnuts, as well as objects such as bottle caps and pens should never meet the teeth.

Hollywood Smile Operation Prices

Hollywood smile price is one of the most curious details. At this point, we can say that a price of 2500 USD is in question for 2023.


Who can have Hollywood smile dental aesthetics?

Anyone who does not have any gum disease and oral diseases can have it done.

What are the advantages of Hollywood smile dental aesthetics?

In short, it can be summarized as a magnificent image that aesthetically complements your face and smile, sparkling white teeth, durable veneers and implants that you can use for a lifetime.

What is the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey in 2022?

As with all aesthetic dental services, the cost of a Hollywood Smile varies from person to person and according to the treatment plan. The average cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey for the year 2022 (2500 USD).


Heal Done, offers you its distinguished services in the field of dentistry, through its hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and specialized medical staff, you can eliminate all your dental problems and get the Hollywood smile that you have always dreamed of.


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