The nose is one of the most striking parts of the human face. Many people are not satisfied with their nose appearance. With the advancement of technology and medicine, the unwanted nose shape has ceased to be fate. In other words, people can have the nose appearance they want thanks to rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is an operation usually performed for aesthetic concerns. It is performed for purposes such as correcting birth defects and repairing deformities caused by injury. It can also be defined as an operation to improve breathing by eliminating breathing difficulties. People who are not satisfied with the appearance of the nose have the question of what rhinoplasty is.

How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty is the dream of people of all ages. Many people seek an answer to the question of how rhinoplasty is performed. It is an operation performed with open or closed techniques. General anesthesia is preferred. Also, local anesthesia is rarely used. Both open and closed techniques have some advantages and disadvantages. During the rhinoplasty process, the patient’s characteristics are taken into consideration. Because everyone has a different nose and skin structure. Also, the changes that need to be made in people’s noses will also be different. As a result, as in other aesthetic operations, the operation in rhinoplasty should be planned according to the characteristics and needs of the patient.

Rhinoplasty Stages

  • Examination and decision represent the first stage. The patient’s complaint should be listened to. The patient and the surgeon who will perform the operation should exchange views on the new nose shape. In this process, simulation images of the patient are prepared with the 3D design device.
  • The second stage is the preparation phase. The patient must stop smoking two weeks before the operation. In addition, the surgeon will ask for a list of medications the patient is taking. In particular, the use of blood thinners must be stopped before the operation.
  • The third stage is the surgical operation. Open or closed technique is usually used.
  • Finally, the healing process comes into play. The healing process of rhinoplasty takes much shorter compared to previous years.

Preparations Before Rhinoplasty

There are a number of procedures that the patient must perform before rhinoplasty surgery.

  • It is necessary to be hungry and thirsty for at least six hours before the operation.
  • Laboratory tests are needed.
  • The patient is advised to quit smoking two weeks before the rhinoplasty operation.
  • Aspirin and other blood thinners should not be used.
  • If there are complaints such as sinusitis or breathing, tomography is needed before surgery.

Who Can Have Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery is an operation that many people can benefit from. It is the best option for those who do not like the appearance of the nose aesthetically as well as those who have respiratory problems.

What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty has a number of risks specific to it. Risks such as permanent numbness in and around the nose, difficulty breathing through the nose, an uneven looking nose, discoloration, pain, permanent swelling, scarring, septum perforation may occur.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

During rhinoplasty surgery, all procedures are performed through a part opened inside the nose or between the nostrils. The bone and cartilage under the skin will be adjusted by the nose surgeon according to the targeted results. In cases where the wall between the two nostrils is curved or bent, the surgeon can correct the area in question to improve breathing.

Things to Consider After Rhinoplasty

There are some factors that patients should pay attention to after rhinoplasty.

  • Sports and activities that require effort should be avoided for a while.
  • Weight lifting should be avoided.
  • Necessary controls should be carried out without interruption within one year after the operation.
  • The casts are removed one week after the operation. There is no harm for the patient to return to his/her normal life after the molds are removed.
  • Risky activities should be avoided to avoid blows to the face and head.

What is the Rhinoplasty Recovery Process?

One week after the operation, the splint is removed from the nose. Also, the effect of bruises gradually decreases. The patient can return to normal life 1-2 weeks after the operation. During the recovery process after rhinoplasty, bruising disappears completely in the second week. The effect of edema decreases. The patient can resume his/her life within an average of one month.
Massage after rhinoplasty should be done carefully. Massage reduces edema and accelerates lymph circulation.

Rhinoplasty Prices

Rhinoplasty prices are one of the most curious issues. In 2022, we can say that the average cost of the operation is 2500 USD.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Those who want to have a much more beautiful nose with this operation do research on rhinoplasty types. In Turkey, rhinoplasty is generally performed with open and closed techniques. In addition, revision rhinoplasty is also preferred in cases where the first operation did not work.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty stands out with its advantages.

  • First of all, bone and cartilage structures are assessed much more carefully.
  • Asymmetries and minor deformities that are not noticeable from the outside are clearly visible.
  • The surgeon uses both hands and eyes more effectively during the operation.
  • Any bleeding that may occur during the operation is controlled as soon as possible.

In addition, it has disadvantages such as the operation taking longer and more edema at the tip of the nose. The price varies between 15 thousand TL and 60 thousand TL.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Many people have the question of what is closed rhinoplasty. The patient recovers in a shorter time thanks to closed rhinoplasty. Less edema occurs at the tip of the nose. The risk of scarring is much less. However, it is more difficult to make the desired changes in the nose. The price is known as 2500 USD on average.


Does the shape of the nose deteriorate after nose surgery?

If there are problems such as bending, falling, collapsing, it shows itself in the first months. If 12-15 months have passed (depending on the structure of the skin) and everything is fine, there is no change in the nose in the following years.

When will the shape of the nose become clear after surgery?

After rhinoplasty surgery, the swelling subsides and the nose takes its original shape varies between 6 months and 1 year from person to person. In people with thin nasal skin, their noses take their original shape within 4-6 months after surgery.

How much will Rhinoplasty cost in 2022?

Rhinoplasty prices in Turkey, average prices for 2022 ($2500) vary according to the type of surgery and the patient's condition.


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