Stomach Reduction

Stomach Reduction

Now from 2023, we can say that people of almost all ages are facing the problem of being overweight. Thanks to diet, sports, changing eating habits and many options, it becomes possible to lose weight. However, there are those who cannot lose weight no matter what they do and it remains the only option In front of these people is the surgical procedure.

With gastric bypass surgery, which is also known as gastric bypass surgery, the stomach becomes a long, thin tube that closely resembles the shape of a banana. This operation, which is performed by the closed surgery method, ends with the removal of about 80 percent of the stomach.

Stomach Reduction Treatment

It is known that many people face the problem of obesity every day.
As people who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise; They strive to
achieve the desired weight and appearance thanks to gastric reduction treatments.
Inserting an internal balloon into the stomach: by general anesthesia, the patient sleeps after eight hours of not eating or drinking, and through endoscopy, the stomach balloon is placed inside the stomach, after which the balloon is inflated according to whether it is a water or air balloon. The balloon, the level of stomach fullness also increases.In other words, the patient becomes full in a much shorter time compared to the past, as it is a method that allows a person to eat less food and feel full more quickly.

  • sleeve gastrectomy: A large part of the stomach is removed by surgery. In fact, 80% of the stomach is removed. In this way, the person undergoing the operation feels full in a shorter time.
  • Gastric bypass: A very large portion of the stomach is bypassed. Where a small part of the stomach is prepared, and a section of the stomach is sutured with the small intestine. this way; The stomach is filled with less food and some of the food they eat is also absorbed directly.

Who are the candidates for gastric bypass surgery?

The conditions for performing gastric bypass surgery are intriguing. Since, it should be noted that it is a suitable surgery for people with the following characteristics.

  • Not everyone who faces the problem of obesity can benefit from this surgery. To begin with, the person must be obese and have an obesity rate of more than 40/50 kg.
  • It should be noted that it is not a suitable process for pregnant women as well as newborn women and those who breastfeed their children.
  • People who suffer from serious diseases such as stomach ulcers or stomach cancer, they cannot undergo gastric bypass surgery.
  • As everyone knows, people who eat more than usual gain weight. But, in cases where a person’s weight increases due to a genetic factor, gastric bypass surgery is not allowed. In addition, it is not a suitable surgery for those who gain weight due to hormonal imbalance.
  • It is not recommended to perform this surgery for those who suffer from heart disease, diabetes and various chronic diseases, as well as for those who suffer from high blood pressure. However, after medical observation, a decision is made whether it is possible to undergo surgery or not.

Stomach Reduction Operations

When it comes to gastric bypass methods in Turkey, various options come to mind.

  • Sleeve gastrectomy: It is one of the most common ways to reduce the stomach. It appeals to those who want to lose extra weight. Through it, approximately 70 percent of the stomach is removed, and therefore, the ability of the stomach to absorb food and liquids is directly reduced. It gives the best possible results in the treatment of stomach cancer and obesity surgery. It helps eliminate type 2 diabetes and stomach emptying problems. Suitable for patients between 18 and 65 years old. But, the BMI must be higher than 35. Risks such as heavy bleeding and infections rarely occur.
  • Gastric banding: In this method, a silicone band is placed around the stomach. After the operation, the size of the stomach duct changes and divides it into two parts like an hourglass. Whereas, the upper part of the stomach reaches fullness in a short time. Thus, it is ensured that the person eats less food. After the operation, problems such as vomiting, constipation and hair loss may occur, which disappear in a short time. In order to lose weight successfully, a person needs proper nutrition after surgery. The gastric band has a success rate of nearly one hundred percent.
  • Gastric bypass surgery: In this method, the upper part of the stomach is connected directly to the small intestine. In this way, a completely new approach to the stomach is created. the people; Thanks to a small stomach, they eat less and fill up in a shorter time. Both the intake and absorption of nutrients are reduced, which reduces the risk of many diseases, especially diabetes. However, those who do not pay attention to diet after gastric bypass surgery face the problem of vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Gastric balloon operation: An empty balloon is inserted into the stomach, to be filled with liquid. Less food is consumed because the stomach remains empty. Since it is not a surgical procedure, patients return to their normal lives immediately, it is a short process. It has no serious side effects.
  • Stomach Botox: Botox is injected into certain parts of the stomach. The contraction of the stomach muscles becomes limited, which helps in delaying the emptying of the stomach, and thus the patient’s appetite decreases. Among the advantages is that it is not a surgical procedure, it takes a short time, and it has no side effects.

Stomach reduction surgery cost

The cost of gastric bypass surgery, 2023 is an average of 2500 USD, as it varies according to the preferred method.


What weight is lost a month after gastric bypass surgery?

Rapid weight loss is achieved in the first months after surgery. For example, a person who weighs 130 kg is expected to lose about 15 kg in the first month. It is normal to lose 10 kilograms in the second month and 5 kilograms in the following months.

Does severe pain occur after surgery?

All surgeries involve a certain amount of pain, but the pain is minimal in laparoscopic procedures.

What should be the nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery?

For the first month after the procedure, a person should drink approximately 2.5 liters of fluid per day and approximately 1.5 liters of fluid to be taken should be water. As for 1 liter of the remaining liquid, it should be ayran or meat or chicken broth. The amount of food that you should eat per day should be about 750 ml. And in two phases in the morning and noon and one phase in the evening. In the first three months after the operation, in addition to taking milk, yogurt and broth, foods rich in vitamins should be eaten as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, spinach, artichokes and celery should be boiled in water, then passed into a blender and consumed in a puree form. Those who consume these foods will get plenty of vitamins like protein, iron, potassium and vitamin A.


n addition to hair transplantation and various cosmetic surgeries, Heal Done Center is keen to allocate special attention and care to the fields of ophthalmology and gastric reduction.

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