Esthetic dental operations in Turkey

A person’s smile is considered one of the most important elements of beauty, so doing dental cosmatic surgery recently has become more prevalent than it was previously, specifically in Turkey. It provides high-quality medical services within an integrated therapeutic and recreational journey at the lowest costs.

What are cosmetic dental procedures?

Dental cosmetic surgery, is the perfect solution for everyone who suffers from a particular problem in the teeth, such as tooth loss, irregular and overlapping teeth, prominent teeth, dark tooth color as well as many dental problems that can be treated in Turkey and as a result of obtaining healthy and homogeneous teeth.

Types of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

“Here are the most popular and most popular types of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey,
Hollywood smile
Hollywood smile is a very thin veneers that are specially designed according to each individual’s condition. What exactly these lenses do, is treat some dental problems and give the teeth a beautiful and permanent white color, that is, through these lenses we can change the shape, size and color of the teeth, which gives the patient an attractive smile that increases his self-confidence and thus helps him to practice his daily life in a more positive and lively way .
The most popular types of veneers used in a Hollywood smile,
• Porcelain).
• Luminaire)).
• Zirconium)).
Dental crowns:
It is considered one of the most important cosmetic dental surgeries in Turkey, as this process restores damaged teeth, treats the problem of deviation of the teeth and also covers the fillings completely, where through the process of dental crowns we can get the most appropriate and healthy shape of the teeth.
The most popular types of dental crowns vary according to the materials used in the installation of crowns, such as; Porcelain, metal and ceramic in addition to stainless steel and zircon. As for choosing the most appropriate type of covering, the matter varies and is directly related to the condition of each patient.
Orthodontics is one of the most popular cosmetic operations in Turkey, where through orthodontics, many dental problems can be eliminated, such as getting rid of a bump in the jaws or dental crooks completely and permanently, that is, the general shape of the teeth can be improved and in the result the healthy teeth lined up harmoniously and beautifully.
The type of orthodontic used varies according to each patient’s case, as there are movable or stable braces, as well as cosmetic braces and preventive braces, which are recommended for children between the age of (7-12) years to ensure that their teeth grow correctly without any twisting or any problem that is expected to occur in the future.

The results of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey
“• Achieving consistency between the upper and lower jaws, and obtaining a homogeneous shape.
• Getting rid of functional problems of the teeth, such as chewing problems and bad breath.
• Enhancing self-confidence, and thus having a better social and professional life.
• Getting rid of food residues and the effects of smoking, which causes yellowing of the teeth.
• Avoiding the patient from getting oral diseases and infections caused by the accumulation of food residues in the teeth because of their curves or crookedness.
• Helps in strengthening the immunity of the mouth and teeth.
• Improving vocabulary and pronunciation.

Tips to maintain natural dental health

“1. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day.
2. To clean the tongue, every time the teeth are cleaned.
3. Use a medical toothpaste.
4. Use the appropriate toothpaste for the condition of the teeth.
5. The use of dental floss, which helps to get rid of food residues in the teeth.
6. Make sure to drink water and eat vegetables and fruits in abundance.
7. Stay away from acidic and sugary foods.
8. Refer to a specialist doctor from time to time.

What is the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey for the year 2023?

In general, the cost of the esthetic operations in Turkey is considered the most economical in the entire world, as Turkey attracts patients from various Arab and European countries not only because of the competitive prices and the great experience of doctors, but also for the services it provides to patients to feel comfortable and happy throughout the stay in Turkey. In our (HEALDONE) center, we will guarantee you an integrated recreational treatment journey and a cosmetic result that you have always dreamed of.
The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies according to the type of operation that will be undergone and the type of materials used, in addition to the condition of the patient, as the average price of a dental cosmetic procedure in Turkey for the year 2023 is (2500 USD).

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