Rhinoplasty in Turkey

One of the most popular plastic surgeries in Turkey is rhinoplasty, due to the availability of the latest international medical technologies and high medical expertise as well, in addition to the very appropriate costs with which Turkey competes with all countries of the world.

What is rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty is a simple surgical procedure. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to change size of the nose and give it a certain shape. Also, through rhinoplasty, the patient can treat many diseases and respiratory problems, such as problems in the sinuses or narrowing of the nostril that obstructs breathing, there are also some cases of congenital deformity or as a result of an accident that damaged the nose, whether in form or function.
All of these reasons we mentioned qualify the patient to perform a rhinoplasty in Turkey, through which he can restore his self-confidence again or treat a breathing health problem that he suffers from for a long time and hinders him from practicing his life normally.


Rhinoplasty without surgery

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a method that semi-permanently corrects the shape of the nose, as it works to beautify it, remove its humps, and sculpt it naturally without resorting to surgery, using hyaluronic acid fillers, which are gel-like substances that are injected into the deep fatty tissues of the nose in the affected nasal areas after applying local anesthesia. What distinguishes this plastic surgery is that it takes place within a short period of time and the patient does not need to recuperate after it, as the recovery period ranges within a day or two, after which the patient can practice his normal life directly.

Performing a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Turkey takes 15-45 minutes, and the result we get after the injections, lasts for a period ranging from 4 months to 3 years, depending on the type of materials used and the type of the patient’s skin.


Techniques used in rhinoplasty in Turkey

The most prominent techniques used in rhinoplasty in Turkey are:

open nose technique

In this technique, a small V-shaped incision is made in the middle area between the nostrils, through which the doctor can control all parts of the nose from cartilage, tissues and bones and change the required to obtain the pre-planned result. The patient who will undergo a nose operation with this technique is most concerned about the occurrence of a scar and its impact, but this is directly related to the development of the technique used and the experience of the surgeon.


closed nose technique

In this technique, the incision is made from inside the nostrils without causing any visible scar as in the open nose technique, i.e. the difference in the location of the incision is the only difference between the two techniques. This technique takes less time and recovers faster, so patients who do not want to make major changes or completely reshape the nose, this technique is the most suitable option for them.

Rhinoplasty stages

• The first stage: determining the shape of the nose; It is one of the most important stages of rhinoplasty, where the doctor and patient together determine the areas that must be treated to give the result the desired and appropriate shape of the face, so that it looks natural and of course free of health problems.

• second stage: anesthesia; At this stage, anesthesia is completely applied to the patient, after which the doctor starts making the incisions according to the agreed technique (open nose or closed nose).

• Third stage: nose reshaping; It is the main stage in rhinoplasty, in which the doctor reshapes the bones and cartilage to give the nose the shape agreed in advance with the patient.

• Fourth stage: the end of the process; Using medical threads, the operation is completed to avoid any visible wounds or scars on the nose. Of course, if laser technology is used, we fully guarantee that no scar or visible wound remains in the nose after the operation. After performing this procedure, which is the last stage in the rhinoplasty process, the patient can leave the center after about half an hour if he wishes to do so.

Who are the candidates for rhinoplasty in Turkey?

. People with a large nose or a disproportionate face.
2. Those who suffer from a deformity of the nose as a result of a specific accident or a congenital malformation since birth.
3. Those who have exceeded the age of puberty and adolescence.
4. People with breathing or sinus problems.
5. Those with some cancerous diseases or diseases that cause nasal erosion, such as (tuberculosis, smallpox and leprosy).

Tips before rhinoplasty

Refrain from smoking and alcohol for at least two weeks before undergoing the operation.
• Carrying out the necessary examinations and analyzes according to the instructions of the specialist doctor.
• Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and others.

Tips after rhinoplasty

• Have a recovery period of not less than 3 days.
• Putting cold water compresses on the eye to reduce the swelling as much as possible.
• Avoid washing the nose with water and avoiding high sunlight, both of which affect the wound in a severe way.
• Commitment to taking the antibiotics, medicines and vitamins recommended by the specialist doctor on time to avoid any infection.
• Avoid violent practices that can cause collisions and types of sports that require great effort until the wound is completely healed.
• Keep the head raised as much as possible during the first weeks after the operation.
• In the event of any unexpected complications not mentioned in advance, the patient should immediately consult the specialist doctor and not take any action without his permission.

What is the cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey 2023?

In general, the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is considered the most economical
worldwide, where Turkey attracts patients from different Arab and European countries not only because of the competitive prices and the great experience of doctors, but also for the services it provides to patients to feel comfortable and happy throughout the stay in Turkey. In our (HEALDONE) center, we will guarantee you an integrated entertaining and treatment journey and a cosmetic result that you have always dreamed of.
The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey varies according to the type of operation and the patient’s condition, as the average prices for 2023 are (2500 USD).

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