What is Leg Lift Surgery? How is it done?

There are some problems that appear in the human body as a result of aging, rapid weight loss as well as pregnancy. The most prominent of these is the occurrence of loosening and sagging of the skin, especially on the inner surface of the legs.

When women wear skirts, the friction that occurs on the inner sides of the legs, causes sweating and rash, which in turn gives an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. Today, inner thigh lift operations are applied to restore comfort in the leg areas and obtain the desired aesthetic appearance.

How is leg lift surgery performed

Causes of sagging leg skin?

Inner leg sagging occurs due to reasons such as loss of skin elasticity with age, loss of skin firmness due to excessive weight gain and loss, as well as thinning of subcutaneous fatty tissue over the years.

How is leg lift surgery performed?

İnner thigh lift surgery,

  • It is performed in a fully equipped hospital.
  • Internal leg aesthetics requires general anesthesia and takes an average of two hours.
  • A one-day stay in the hospital is sufficient.
  • In the inner leg lift, some excess skin is removed from the thigh line to the inner side of the leg, and the inner leg skin is pulled up and sutured. Thus, excess fat is removed and the skin is tightened.
  • All medical threads are cosmetic and hidden, that is, there is no need to remove them.
  • Liposuction is performed in addition to leg lift operations in some patients.

What is the recovery period for leg lift surgery?

One of the more intriguing questions is, “How long is the recovery period?” The recovery period in thigh and inner leg plastic surgery does not take long, as the patient must rest for three weeks after the operation, and after about a month and a half he can return to his normal life.

What are the things to consider after thigh lift surgery?

Like any surgery, after thigh lift surgery, there are some points to consider:

  • There is no pain that bothers you after the surgery, painkillers are used to eliminate it.
  • You can stand up on the same day.
  • The recovery period varies from person to person, and complete recovery is possible in about 7-10 days.
  • There should be a bandage on the wound line for the first two days and a light bandage should be applied.
  • After one month, stitch marks begin to disappear.
  • The stitches must be protected from sunlight.
  • Surgical sutures must be protected until the end of the healing process, and attention must be paid to hygiene and not to make heavy movements.
  • You can shower two days after the operation, and after 3 weeks you can practice sports activities except for jogging.
  • Cotton underwear must be worn for the first month with a corset.

Leg and thigh lift surgery cost

Prices vary according to the patient’s physical condition, as liposuction can be performed to remove excess skin during surgery, the method used, hospital services and the doctor’s experience also affect the cost.
Average price for 2023 is $2500

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