Dental Aesthetic

Dental Aesthetic

Oral and dental health is of great importance to people, as the digestion process starts from the mouth, considering that the teeth; Responsible for breaking down food and sending it to the stomach. So at this point, missing, rotten or unhealthy teeth; It can threaten the general health of the human body. In addition, teeth are important in obtaining a perfect smile. Where people like to laugh and talk in social gatherings. However, missing, rotten and poorly looking teeth may prevent them from doing so. Therefore, teeth are very important physiologically and psychologically in human life. Cosmetic dentistry is a great option for those who have dental problems, in other words, it makes it possible for people to reach the teeth they have always dreamed of.

What is Dental Aesthetics?

Those who wish to have more beautiful and healthy teeth always wonder what is cosmetic dentistry, as it is the necessary procedure in the event that a person faces an undesirable situation in the general appearance of the tooth, as some teeth are far from aesthetic appearance, and misalignment Teeth to each other is also a big problem, in
addition, there are some people who want to have a healthy dental structure. In all such cases, cosmetic dentistry is the best solution. Cosmetic dentistry eliminates congenital or acquired tooth structure problems. Thanks to him
, it becomes possible to obtain symmetrically arranged teeth.”

What are the cosmetic dental procedures?

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, symmetry is achieved between the lower and upper jaws and a harmonious mouth shape is obtained. It also becomes possible to get rid of bad breath and chewing problems, thus increasing people’s self-confidence. Factors such as food and cigarette residues are prevented from causing yellowing of the teeth and the immunity of the mouth and teeth is strengthened. As such, people can have the opportunity to speak more effectively and aesthetically.

The types of cosmetic dental procedures are as follows:

  • Smile aesthetics: In this type, it is planned to form the most beautiful smile that combines function, beauty and naturalness. During smile aesthetics, procedures such as whitening, implants, porcelain chips, and gingival straightening are performed. Other than that, factors such as the shape of the person’s face are taken into account. His gender, skin color, lips, lip edges, the alignment of his teeth and their color as well.
  • Gum aesthetics: Some people suffer from problems with their smile, as their self-confidence is damaged when their gum tissue is very visible or because they have short teeth. Gum formation procedure, is the best solution to these problems, through which laser devices are used that do not cause any bleeding.
  • Teeth whitening: Another type of cosmetic dentistry, it is performed without any damage to the teeth using the appropriate gel and can be repeated, taking into account the cosmetic elements.
  • Compound bonding applications: People face some dental problems, especially in the front part of the mouth, whose main causes are exposure to certain accidents, where various problems appear, such as crookedness and fracture, or short and small teeth. Such problems are overcome through composite bonding procedures, where composite fillings are selected that are perfectly suited to the person’s tooth color and light transmittance, while also paying attention to the basic shapes of their teeth.

Before Dental Aesthetics

Before cosmetic dentistry one should know exactly what he wants. There are many people who want to perform the installation of veneers, but at the same time they are bothered by the possibility of the structure of their teeth becoming weak, so at this stage, a specialist should be consulted. Other than that, it should be checked whether the teeth are symmetrical or not and the effect of lip augmentation should also be taken seriously. Ultimately, it is the personal requirements in the field of cosmetic dentistry that guide the treatment.

Considerations After Dental Aesthetics

  • Patients should avoid spitting, touching the area, and pulling the lips and cheek after cosmetic dentistry.
  • The treated area should be brushed according to the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Soft foods should be eaten, especially in the first three days.
  • Movements that increase the heart rate and cause bleeding should be avoided.

Who are the candidates for cosmetic dentistry?

One of the equally important issues about how to perform cosmetic dentistry is who can perform these procedures.

  • Those who think that they have a problem with the health of the mouth, teeth, or a smile
  • Those who suffer from crowding in the alignment of the teeth
  • Those who have large gaps between the teeth

People with dark teeth. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to have more beautiful teeth and healthy smiles.

Dental cosmetic cost

These days in 2022, the average prices for cosmetic dentistry are; ​ $2,500 USD,
where prices may vary depending on criteria such as, type of process and materials to be used.


Is the effect of teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that loses its effect over time. As the patient's interest in oral health and dental care continuously after teeth whitening determines this period.

Do dental fillings cause bad breath?

Since dental fillings are made of colorless and odorless materials, they do not cause mouth odor.

What should I pay attention to after teeth whitening?

Caution should be exercised in the first two weeks after teeth whitening treatment. In particular, substances that cause yellowing of the teeth such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes should be avoided. Extremely cold or hot drinks should be avoided in the first months.In addition, acidic drinks such as cola are also harmful to your teeth at this period.


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