Teeth Implants

Teeth Implants

The people; They face various dental problems. especially missing teeth; It is considered a serious problem in terms of aesthetics as well as health. However, thanks to dental implants, this problem can be solved. Many people have a question about what an implant is.

What is the treatment of dental implants?

Implant treatment provides a solution to the problem of missing teeth, as titanium implants are placed inside the jawbone and a dental prosthesis is placed on the relevant screws in order to achieve the natural appearance of the teeth. Implant treatment is very beneficial, especially in comparison to other dental treatments. Because it does not cause any damage to adjacent teeth. In other words, there is no causing the adjacent teeth to be cut.
implantation; It performs its activities as a tooth root. the people; After this treatment, they can easily eat, laugh and talk as before.

In what cases is a Hollywood smile performed?

Implantation treatment is an option that can be applied to every individual whose jaw and face have fully developed. Also, the person must be over 18 years old. However, prior to treatment, x-rays are done to determine if the person’s jaw structure is suitable for implantation.
In addition, patients with diabetes must have overcome the effects of the disease before receiving the transplant, and the same is true for those suffering from osteoporosis.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dental Implant

Implant treatment improves the life standards of many people. However, there are issues to be considered before treatment.

  • First of all, the treatment should be planned in the best way. Implant treatment; consists of several stages. It is important that the physician and the patient act jointly. Each stage of implant application should be reviewed.
  • Bone structure is one of the factors affecting whether the treatment will be successful or not. It is essential that the bone structure in the mouth is compatible with the materials used during the treatment.
  • Oral hygiene should be maintained in the best way.
  • Thanks to the patented product and the best material preference, the treatment process takes place without any problems.
  • Assistance should be sought from a physician specialized in this treatment.

Many people have a question about how to perform the transplant. The process begins with giving the patient a light sedation. Before treatment, an examination and x-rays are necessary to know the patient’s condition clearly. It is also necessary to measure both the jaw bones and the remaining teeth.

We must tell those who are looking for an answer to a question about how the implant is performed, that dental implants are performed in two different ways. In the first option, the implant is placed, after that, the temporary head is installed. In the other two-stage option, after the implant is inserted Dental, covered with gums and waiting for the area to recover and recover.

Prosthetic heads are placed later. During the implant treatment process, a temporary bridge is placed where it is necessary to wait three months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw. Dental implants; Comes in the forefront of the best options for the patient to be able to eat and laugh.
Zirconium implants increase the effect of the treatment and make the implants last longer, as they are known as the new generation of implants and are also considered the most effective solution to increase endurance, especially in narrow jawbones.

Things to consider after getting a dental implant

  • The patient should avoid spitting and rinsing the mouth after implantation.
  • You should not eat hot foods, there is no problem in eating cold foods.
  • You should not smoke for a week after the operation.
  • After the surgery, you must wait two hours to eat and drink.
  • It is recommended not to use the treated area during the post-transplant eating process.
  • It is forbidden for the patient to shower with hot water, exercise and lift weights.
  • You should not use toothpicks in the treated area.
  • Bruises and swelling may occur after the operation and it can be removed by applying ice.
  • You can continue to use antibiotics.

To answer the question regarding how long the implant treatment takes, is that each implant is placed in an average of 3-4 minutes and after the implants are placed in the jawbone, you must wait three to six months. During this time, the implants fuse with the jawbone. The implant may cause pain, which is normal, but it is described as pain that is not bothersome.”

Dental implant stages

The stages of transplantation can be summarized as follows:

  • Examination and Planning
  • Implant treatment
  • Recovery phase
  • Placement of the implant
  • Dental implant stageswork suit

Dental implant cost

Currently, in 2022, implant prices average about $2,500. It should be noted that this cost varies according to the center where the procedure is performed and the doctor who performs the operation, and the cost also depends on the location of the missing tooth. A lower price is requested for the teeth of the posterior sections, where the aesthetic appearance is not so important.”

Dental implant cost Dental implants features and benefits

  • Missing teeth are replaced with new hard teeth.
  • Unlike other treatment methods, not touching adjacent teeth is a very important advantage.
  • With implant treatment in Turkey, new teeth are obtained that do not differ from other teeth in terms of appearance and function.
  • A balanced chewing function is gained.
  • Thanks to the completion of the missing teeth, it becomes possible to get rid of problems such as possible stomach diseases, problems with the jaw joint, a decrease in the amount of jaw bone, and anatomical disorders that occur in other teeth.

Disadvantages of implant treatment

Some complications may occur due to incorrect and inappropriate procedures.

  • It is much more expensive than bridge prostheses.
  • A patient who unintentionally smokes may affect treatment negatively.
  • Some risks may occur if the materials used are not of good quality.


Is there an age limit for dental implant treatments?

Since bone development is complete at ages 16-17 in girls and 18 in boys, implants should not be used before these ages.

Are dental implants long lasting?

The age of the implanted teeth is the same as the age of the natural teeth. As long as the mouth and teeth are well taken care of, they can be used for many years.

What is the cost of dental implants in Turkey in 2022?

Prices vary according to the brand of implants, the average price of dental implants in Turkey for 2022 is $2500.


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