What is Tubular Nipple (Goat Nipple)?

Tubular breast or tuberous breast, where the base of the breast is narrower than normal and the nipple is wider than normal, meaning the conical structure of the breast becomes tubular. They occur with breast development in young girls; one is usually normal in appearance and the other is tubular, rarely bilateral. It is a problem that can be seen in men as well. It is known among the people as “goat breast”.

Are Tube Breasts Harmful?

There is a lot of question about whether the problem of tubular breasts is harmful or causing significant discomfort. Although it does not represent a major functional problem, it can be considered a physical and social problem in young girls, as it may cause an aesthetic and psychological problem for humans, due to its different structure from the natural breast and its small size in many cases.

Breast Tube Disease Treatment

This tuberous deformity of the breast can only be treated by surgical intervention, and the type of surgery to be performed is chosen according to the degree of breast deformation.
According to the condition of the tubular breast of the patient, the following is done:

The large areola i.e. the brown ring is reduced sagging is removed from the breast,
The ring pressing on the base of the breast is released, tissue deficiency in the lower part of the breast is eliminated,
various surgical procedures such as breast lift and gynecomastia can be used to achieve the above goals.

Is Silicone Attached to the Tubular Breast?

In the treatment of tubular breasts, to obtain a larger or wider diameter at the base of the breast, silicone prostheses are placed.

How is tubal breast surgery performed

How is Tubal Breast Surgery Performed?

In general in this operation, the anatomic area that is shaped like a ring that presses on the tissues located at the base of the breast is corrected, the size of the wide nipple and the brown area is reduced, the sagging and insufficiency of skin tissues, especially in the lower half of the breast, are removed, and artificial organs are placed Made of silicone for the purpose of enlarging or increasing the diameter of the base of the breast.
The operation usually takes two hours, after which drainage tubes are placed and the patient may feel some pain during his movements, which will go away within days with some muscle relaxant medication.

Patients are asked to wear their bras for a certain period and pay attention to postoperative massage and movements of the arms.

What is the Cost of Tube Breast Surgery?

In 2023, the cost of goat breast surgery or tube breast surgery may vary for each patient, depending on the degree of the problem, silicone will be used or not, the duration of the surgical procedure that will be applied, and different surgical procedures will be applied to both breasts.

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