What should be done for healthy hair?

Our hair, which we all attach great importance to, is valuable not only for external appearance but also for physical and mental health. Healthy hair generally has strong hair roots and has a shiny appearance. Hair that has lost its health, on the other hand, has problems such as shedding, dandruff, broken and thin hair strands. Although external factors are effective on hair health, nutrition and the type of care given to the hair are also important factors affecting the structure of the hair.

“How to care for which hair type?

There is sebum in the scalp, which provides the oil balance of the hair strands. If the hair type is curly, the sebum is not evenly distributed throughout the hair due to the fluffy hair strands. In straight and slightly wavy hair, although it is more evenly distributed throughout the hair, reasons such as bad and oily diet and stress can cause sebum to be secreted more than normal, which can cause lubrication. Therefore, straight or curly hair is a sign of the hair type’s tendency to be oily or dry. How to care for the hair varies according to the hair type.

If you have curly and dry hair; You can support the oil balance of your hair strands with curly hair care oils and moisture masks. For oily hair care, you can use warm water during hair washing and massage your scalp to regulate the excess sebum in your hair.

What can be done to protect hair health?

• First of all, it is necessary for hair health to stay away from dyes and applications that will damage the hair strands.
• Washing the hair two or three times a week, not every day, ensures the oil balance in the hair strands.
• Caring by learning the hair type gives positive results.
• Hair strands can be revitalized by cutting the ends of the hair in specified periods.
• With good nutrition and adequate sleep, sebum production can be balanced.


What are the natural hair care routines that can be applied at home?

Hair care at home is a safer care method because it costs less and its content is known. A routine can be created with natural materials selected according to the hair and scalp problem or hair type.
Since the problem of dandruff is caused by the dryness of the scalp, a hair care that will moisturize the scalp is required. Ginger, olive oil and lemon juice revitalize the dead scalp and strengthen the hair strands, helping you maintain the oil balance of your hair.

Dry and dull hair type is basically caused by low oil production in the hair. The mixture of coconut oil and cinnamon both provides the oil balance of the hair and the hair gains vitality with the refreshing effect of cinnamon.
Although oil masks are not recommended for oily hair type, it may be possible to catch the oil balance in the hair if the right ingredients are combined. The mixture of lemon and egg white helps balance the amount of excess sebum produced on the scalp.

Thin and weak hair strands need to be strengthened and hair ends need to be revitalized. The mixture of egg yolk and lemon strengthens the hair by providing the necessary protein.

All masks should be kept for thirty or forty minutes and then rinsed with shampoo. In oil-containing masks, since the hair fiber absorbs the oil, first rinsing and then shampooing causes the oil to be trapped in the hair strand and the shampoo does not show its effect. Therefore, before rinsing, the hair should not be wetted, direct conditioner or shampoo should be used.

What is the role of nutrition in hair health?

Considering nutrition in terms of hair care, it is beneficial to reduce the foods that reduce or increase the amount of sebum. Excess coffee consumption increases the stress level in the body, and too much stress increases sebum production. Alcohol consumption, on the other hand, disrupts the balance of the body by reducing the water in the body, thus increasing or decreasing the amount of sebum. A high-fat and fast-food diet increases the amount of sebum in the skin by increasing the daily amount of oil that enters the body. Balanced sebum production can be supported with a protein- and vegetable-based, low-fat diet.

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