Tatil.com is now part of the CRM Group

Tatil.com is joining the CRM group, and as Healdone being part of the CRM group, we are excited about this new opportunity that our patients can benefit from.

Tatil.com is one of the best holiday sites in Turkey. It has a very strong network in the global market. Our goal is to make Tatil.com a travel portal to the whole world. With a strong digital system that can be operated on both domestic and global markets, it will significantly help in the promotion of our country. We are thrilled to be a part of this group.

Tatil.com has been in business for about a quarter-century. Known as Turkey’s first and only travel website where reservations can be made for domestic and international hotels, flights, and for individual and group tour packages, the company originally had approximately 90 authorized sales offices in different cities.

These services can benefit Healdone’s patients by helping them get the best offers and discounts while travelling for their medical purposes, and now they can book to see the beauty of Turkey and can easily continue their vacation without being committed to one city.

Bilgi Al