What is Obesity?

Overweight, or as it is known among people, obesity, is an increase in body weight above the normal level for height as a result of an excessive increase in the ratio of body fat mass to lean body mass. Obesity is a disease that can be prevented and treated by following A specific weight loss diet in addition to some practices that support this diet. However, in obese patients who suffer from obesity in its advanced stages, especially when the possibility of developing serious complications is also high, then treatment can be carried out using one of the bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric tube, gastric bypass, gastric bypass, according to the doctor’s recommendations.

What are the main reasons of obesity ?

Although there are no clear causes of obesity, lack of physical activity and poor nutrition are considered to be the most important factors leading to obesity. In addition to these factors, many genetic, environmental, neurological, physiological, social, cultural and psychological factors cause obesity. Other than that, some conditions such as Hormonal disorders, thyroid diseases, and the use of certain medications can also cause obesity. Obesity in young people , old people and children although childhood obesity does not increase the risk of obesity in adulthood, weight gained after the age of four increases this risk. Statistics show that 10-40% of children who are overweight will be 50-80% suffering. of obesity in adulthood.

In general, obesity or being overweight is more common in industrialized and developed countries, and it is also more common in cities than in villages, and in women more than men, and it is higher in people of short and medium stature. In addition, the decrease in energy consumption with the onset of old age (50-65 years) in turn contributes to an increase in body fat with age.

As an answer to the question (Can weight gain be prevented), here are some suggestions?

  • You should avoid foods called fast food.
  • You should not eat a lot of fried and high-fat foods, and acquire the habit of eating vegetables and fruits.
  • Eating speed is no less important than the number of calories consumed in causing obesity. Therefore, it is important to eat slowly and chew well.
  • Walk or ride a bike instead of in a car.
  • Reducing the consumption of soft drinks and sugary drinks.

Obesity Treatment

Obesity treatment

The goal of obesity treatment is to achieve a healthier life for the patient. To this end, a healthy diet, exercise, and drug treatments can help you lose excess weight and eliminate obesity.
The methods used in the treatment of obesity are divided into 3 groups:

Medical nutrition therapy (diet):

Many people think when it is said (diet) that it is the program that is based on eating (less amounts of food). People undergoing obesity treatment should eat 4-6 meals a day instead of just a few. Diet programs developed by nutrition experts also determine the hours a person should eat. We should not forget that medical nutrition therapy (diet) is specific to the individual, and its main purpose is to give the individual the habit of correct nutrition and the ability to maintain this habit.

Surgical treatment:

The surgical approach to obesity is mainly divided into two parts. Either the goal of bariatric surgery is to reduce energy intake with food, ie to reduce the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system, and gastric reduction operations such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric botox, gastric banding, gastric balloon, etc. It is the most used method for this purpose. As for reconstructive surgery, the goal is to remove the fatty tissues located in different parts of the body. To achieve this purpose, cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and gynecomastia are used. To prevent the accumulation of fat again, the patient must adhere to the methodologies of obesity treatment.”

Exercise therapy:

Exercise, which is one of the methods and an indispensable condition for significant and effective weight loss, is one of the types of physical activity.
For exercise to be effective in the treatment of obesity, it must be performed 5 times a week on average, and each exercise must be practiced for a certain period of at least 30 minutes. Where the exercises to be performed are selected in a special and individual way according to the age, gender, living conditions and sporting history of the person

Obesity around the world

Obesity is one of the most important diseases of our time, whether in developed or developing countries. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but also facilitates the emergence of many other diseases.Among them are type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerotic heart disease, menstrual disorders, increased pregnancy complications, gallstones, fatty liver, sleep apnea Osteoporosis, depression.

On March 4, World Obesity Day, the main objective of this day is to raise awareness in society about obesity and its risks, which have become classified as chronic diseases. Today, obesity is the second most important preventable cause of death after smoking.

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